What is skin suicide and how can we avoid it?

wrinklethissmall spots We really hate and other skin diseases They appear when our cells commit suicide What are we trying to tell you through this? Although this sounds too dramatic, Our skin contains gene activators that keep it healthy and able to renew itself. However, sometimes these enhancers become inactive and our cells die, Experts call it apoptosis. Estefania NietoOmorovicza’s technical director assured that “the suicide occurred in Cells find that their genetic components are damaged and they become unbalanced And, instead of staying strong and regenerating themselves, they become inactive and produce what we call dead cells“. Sonia FerreroByoode’s beauticians and biotechnologists guarantee This is where the P53 protein comes into play.,Responsible Strengthen the skin’s defenses to keep it active and has an ongoing update cycle. It ensures that when this protein becomes inactive, the skin starts to look dull, as it is responsible for judging whether damaged cells have the potential to regenerate while ensuring renewal. Activate DNA repair mechanisms.

Rachel GonzalezTechnical Director of Perricone MD assures Retinoids and exfoliating acid are those that promote the expression of this protein, which not only optimizes skin protection; Helps prevent conditions like acne or rosacea. at last, elizabeth san gregorioMedik8’s technical director confirms that genetic production of this protein helps Optimize skin renewal process and make it look healthier, to prevent different diseases. Apart from, Natalia AbelinAmbari’s technical director insists we must take into account alpha hydroxy acidwhich contains exfoliating acids, Help skin cell renewal.To prevent skin suicide, nourish the skin properly, restore healthy skin effects, restructure the skin and exfoliate, these are Some products you should know about and add to your drawerskin careBecause your skin (and its cells) will thank you, and we’ll notice.

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We’re confident that if you stick to your facial care routine and take these factors into consideration when choosing your treatment, you’ll be able to avoid skin suicide.We’re already We choose these products to care for our cellsshowing off healthy, hydrated, glowing skin, thereby preventing them from committing suicide.

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