What is spring weakness? When will it come?first tv

The arrival of spring brings new spirit and vitality to people, but it also brings some health problems, such as seasonal allergies and Weakness,is called”The fatigue of the flower season“.

Unknown to many, spring asthenia is estimated to affect more than half the world’s population, causing severe fatigue and fatigue For those who suffer from it.it’s about a temporary disorder It is characterized by frailty and is common in people aged 20 to 50 years, particularly affecting women.

The main symptoms are:

– Physical fatigue

– Mental exhaustion

– Losing motivation

– anxiety.

Weakness is sometimes associated with other illnesses, e.g. Infection, anemia, celiac disease, pregnancy, sleep disorders, or vitamin deficiencies.

What to do if we feel “lazy”

According to doctors and researchers Ernesto Crescenti (Minnesota: 50,776)the first thing to do when feeling “very weak” in the spring is a blood test, when detection Changing the normal values, it is recommended to adopt a series of guidelines aimed at strengthening the protective barrier.

In spring, temperatures change and pollen increases in the air Can weaken defense and increases the chance of infection, colds, or allergies.

To stay healthy during the seasons of life, it is recommended engage in physical activitycan stimulate the body’s defense and vitality enhancement, at least 3 times a week, 30 or 60 minutes each time.

also Balanced diet This can be an important point because a lack of nutrients such as vitamins or minerals can lead to a decrease in the body’s defenses against attack.

A Get a good rest for six to eight hours a day Avoiding late nights is linked to repairing cell damage sustained during the day, so a night’s rest helps the immune system recover and increase its strength, while tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and sugar should also be avoided as they weaken the immune system. immune system.

on the other hand, Anxiety is not the immune system’s friendso we must try to stay calm and relativistic, don’t pay attention to any problems, and always have a bottle of water on hand. In addition to staying hydrated, it also helps to eliminate toxins.

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