What is the Botox for Barbie that is being talked about so much on TikTok?

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August 24, 2023

“The idea came to me that at the end of the treatment I would look like Barbie, which, in my opinion, is not bad at all. It makes the neck longer, makes the shoulders thinner, gives the impression that the whole body becomes more graceful if done right,” explains creator Isabelle Lux in an interview provided by CNN. According to her, Lux is the inventor of the latest TikTok beauty trend: Botox for Barbie, an aesthetic medicine procedure that actually promises to look like Barbie/Margot Robbie by injecting 40 units of botulinum into the trapezius muscle. The hashtag has amassed over seven million views on TikTok in recent weeks. On the other hand, the video, in which Lux talks about his personal treatment experience, has surpassed 250,000 views.


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As Leah Dolan explains on CNNHowever, Lux can only claim intellectual property for the name Barbie Botox, not for the procedure itself. Which actually has been around for a long time and was invented for a very different purpose: to relax the trapezius muscle in patients who have it stiff due to excessive and prolonged exercise, a condition that can lead to severe neck pain and severe migraines. If greatly simplified, then the operation is as follows: Botox interrupts the connection between the muscle and the nerve, over time the muscle weakens and eventually reaches partial paralysis. A “minor” consequence of this process is a reduction in muscle size: hence the thinner shoulders that Lux speaks of. The procedure, now known as Barbie Botox, which Lux herself urges us not to take lightly: she said she had a heavy neck . pain for several days immediately after treatment, and that she was also very worried because she knew that an incorrect injection could have serious consequences, such as complete paralysis of the affected muscles.


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Of course, Lux was also criticized, but she always repeated that, in her opinion, the doll is an aesthetic ideal, like any other, and that her desire to look like a Barbie does not make her, as many say, an anti-feminist or a victim of patriarchy. “I think it’s time to stop belittling women and their interests. And in these interests, if women want it, there is also a physical aspect. This is not stupidity. It’s the real thing,” Lux said.

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