What is the cause and what to do?

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  • Swelling of the lips is not dangerous in itself, but must be monitored so it does not worsen

  • Lips can become inflamed from things like allergic reactions, herpes, or mucocele.

  • Impetigo is the most common bacterial infection in children and is easily spread

Young Bulgarian Andrea Ivanova boasts of having the world’s largest lips. This is also the aesthetic obsession of many people. However, we may encounter situations like this: purse your lips Without any surgical intervention or tattooing in such a sensitive area.

It should be noted that swollen lips are not dangerous in themselves. However, when it is caused by angioedema (ie, subcutaneous inflammation), there may be complementary swelling of the mouth, throat, and/or lower airways. it’s going to get worse soon It can even be fatal.

Causes and treatment of swollen lips

allergy. Food or drug reactions are the main cause of mouth and lip swelling.usually can appear up to two hours later After eating food or medicines. In addition, it may also be accompanied by coughing, a foreign body sensation in the throat, difficulty breathing or facial redness, says Dr. Clarice Bezerra.

Treatment consists of medical prescriptions for allergy medications.It must be emphasized that if breathing difficulties occur, the go to the emergency room Immediately or call an ambulance.

herpes and infection.Herpes can cause swelling of the upper or lower lip with blisters and sensation numbness and tingling of the lips. When lips are chapped, they are more prone to injury and microbes are more prone to infection, so sometimes swollen lips and herpes are accompanied by discomfort or fever.

It is necessary to see a doctor to assess the problem and identify the microorganism causing the infection in order to start treatment with ointments or medication antiviral drugs.

dry or burned lips. Sunburn or burns from hot or acidic foods such as lemons or pineapples may cause the lips to swell for about a day or two and be painful, burning and discoloration Bezerra emphasized on the “Tua Saúde” website.

Hydration is key, as emphasized by dentist Gustavo Camanas. In addition to applying cold gauze to your lips to reduce swelling and applying moisturizer, olive oil, honey, petroleum jelly, or melted dark chocolate (and warm chocolate, of course) are all great ways to reduce inflammation.

Mucocele. It is the most common lesion of the oral mucosa.it is most appears within mouth Due to changes in the minor salivary glands. This causes a buildup of mucus and a blister-like appearance with a clear or blue tinge. It is painless, has some mobility, and has a smooth texture.

The main cause of its appearance is trauma, especially bites.disappear without any treatment a week or two. However, when a cyst grows large or takes time to resorb, it is advisable to see a dentist to evaluate and drain the cyst.

oral abscess. Inflammation of the teeth due to cavities or tooth abscesses can cause the gums to swell and may extend to the lips. Pain around the damaged tooth may be accompanied by bleeding, bad breath or even fever. The lips may also be inflamed from pimples, folliculitis, or certain traumas, which may appear suddenly or from the use of utensils.

According to Bezerra, if you have a problem with your teeth, you should see your dentist and treat the inflammation with pain relievers, antibiotics or, if necessary, dental surgery.To soothe irritated lips, wipe with a cloth warm water and anti-inflammatories.

fall or hit. We leave our lips inflamed for a few days until the injured tissue fully heals and any red marks that may have caused us disappear.

gauze pad with ice cubes inside Cold Chamomile Sachet They help us reduce inflammation in the area within minutes. It is convenient to repeat these steps at least two or three times a day.

impetigo.This is a bacterial skin infection that is serious common in children. Along with scabbed sores near the lips or nose, it can easily pass from one child to another and should always be evaluated by a pediatrician.

In addition to seeing a doctor (who can prescribe antibiotic ointment), it is important not to tear the scab over the lesion, leaving the wound Always clean the area And apply the medicine immediately after bathing.

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