What is the difference between vegan and vegetarian diet?

Dr. Comillo tells us what the difference is between a vegan diet and a vegetarian diet.

There are a lot of food trends. Some of them have recently grown up in the world.but i want to mention vegan diet and vegetarian dietone of which healthy ingredientsif you combine them well together, it can be very healthy to eat.

However, there is a very common question surrounding this diet: How is one diet different from another?

this vegetarian diet It is a diet that does not eat meat, but you can eat other animal proteins, you can eat dairy products, you can eat eggs.

This diet may be slightly deficient in vitamin B12 or iron, but these people can have perfect health, especially if they are well informed.

Changing your eating habits can be more beneficial than following a “magic recipe” that is not backed by science (Getty)

in this case vegan diet, all types of animal foods are given up, such as eggs, dairy, meat, and in some cases even honey. You have to be very careful on this diet as these people may be deficient in calcium, vitamin B12 and iron.

If you decide to change your eating habits and eat some of the foods mentioned above, you can do it, and you can do it in a healthy way, but you must have the advice of a nutritionist.

Because there are some dietary methods they are not very healthy they are Install. some of the names The “magic” method Let’s see if any of them sound familiar: Functional Nutrition Therapy, Quantum Nutrition, Biofeedback, Gerson Therapy, Gonzalez Therapy…

Dietary choices should not be based on fads but on long-term health and well-being (Illustrative Image Infobae)

In fact, these are very attractive names. Despite the appeal of the ketogenic diet, it has been called by different names for almost 200 years and people might say, “It’s a syndrome,” and I’ve heard that out there. A hallucination syndrome oscillating

Why does hallucination syndrome occur? Because people will have the illusion that that’s good. It’s as if people have an illusion that if they get pneumonia, drinking mallow tea will cure them. It fluctuates as people move from one food to another.

Is there anything wrong with people doing this?Well, this pair healthy. But the suggestion is that when people bring up these ideas, we doctors should have a different attitude and not get into arguments with them. That’s why I’m telling you to optimize.

Not all fad diets are healthy, and it’s crucial to do proper research before adopting them.Getty

Changing habits is more important than resorting to these “magic recipes”, which puts the health of users at risk as there is no evidence that such products are effective. They do not appear on the approved lists of different obesity or nutrition societies around the world because there is not thought to be research that actually proves their effectiveness.

So what we’re doing, the current trend in medicine, is not to confront this problem, but people have to look to doctors to advise them on what they’re doing and see what the best thing they can do is.That is At this moment, we are choosing to optimize existing content.

The way we think affects our bodies, and what affects our bodies affects the way we think. Therefore, remember that it is important that your doctor remembers (yes, he knows how to listen to you), and, other things, in many cases the ideal is the enemy of the good.

*Dr. Alberto Cormillot is a renowned Argentinian physician, obesity expert, health educator, author and lecturer. He founded and headed the nutrition and health clinics that bear his name, the Diet Club, the ALCO Foundation (Anonymous Combatants Against Obesity) and the Argentine Institute of Nutrition, where he advised various industries on the development of diet and health products.

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