What is the emerging plan of care for patients with coronavirus in Mexico


The health system in Mexico you are facing one of the more sophisticated tests in its history due to the pandemic Covid-19 that has extended throughout the world, and that only in this country has claimed the lives of 60 people. For this reason, and for try to lessen the health crisisthe government of president López Obrador announced a emerging plan of care to the patients of the disease.

During the conference the morning of this Saturday, Alejandro Svarch Perez, who is in charge of the National Coordination Medical the national Institute of Health for the well-being (Insabi)announced that before the structural deficit of doctorsis working on a plan to train more specialized staff and so you have enough hands in the area of intensive therapy.

The new model that has raised the health sector, through various institutions, such as Pemex, IMSS, ISSSTE, the ministry of National Defense and the Navy, proposes a strategy of reconversion of human resources from which use will be made of medical and nursing staff across the country, general or specialists areas not critical.

These people will specialized training in severe cases of the new coronavirus to be integrated into teams of care of these patients with the aim of reorganize the structure of the health services through a model cascade.

The new conformation of the hospitals that meet cases of Covid-19 will be led by a doctor or medical specialist in treatments intensive therapywho will be in charge of a group composed by five otherwho will have general training or specialized in other areas, but who also have preparation focused on the new coronavirus.

From this restructuring, it is intended that a physician intensivist is in charge of 25 patients critical. Five for each doctor that you have been trained previously. It is important to point out that this model will be replicated in the case of the nursing staff.

Those who want to be part of this new scheme that has raised the ministry of Health, as well as the Insabi, should enter the page coviduti.health.gov. mxwhere it is possible to receive the training through digital content specialist and so reduce the times and transfers staff in this critical stage of the pandemic.

During the presentation of the new model it was mentioned that the contents of the platform “were designed by a group of national and international experts” that contemplate topics such as prevention of infections, conversion hospital, management of the critical patient and technical management of fans, among others.

It is worth mentioning that the training will be complemented with a virtual forum from the headquarters of the Insabi, which will have as objective that the volunteers interact and resolve any doubts all the days of the 17:00 hours to 19:00 hours.

In addition, people will have access to materials update free of charge, as well as a system of inter-consultations medical coordinated by the service of intensive therapy of the National institute of Nutrition. The registration the interested parties may be made through the same page.

“It has been decided pay in advance for at least a month and a per diem. If you live in the states and want to participate from Monday, they are going to receive,” said president Lopez Obrador, who also said that the number of how much each person will receive will be announced at the conference the evening of this Saturday.

The chief Executive also noted that currently available 1,000 specialists in intensive therapyapproximately, but “we estimate that we require a minimum ten times more to be prepared”.

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