What is the meaning of the names of the children of the Kardashian?


Norh and Psalm are some of the curious names of the famous have been used for the youngest members of the family.

20 Jun 2019 15:54By: canalrcn.com

The family Kardashian-Jenner is one of the most famous television in the world. For several years have been characterized by carrying his name to the top of the industry; however, another fact that leads to that the sisters are in the mouth of all his followers is the peculiarity in the names they put their children.

North, Chicago, Saint, Psalm, Stormi, True, Penelope Scotland, Mason Dash, Reign Aston and Dream Renée, are the peculiar names of the children of the media family that have led to their fans to ask: what is the significance of each one of them?

Luckily for all, Kourtney, Khloé, Kim, Kylie and Rob have been revealed in different interviews why they called it that to their children. Kourtney she has three children at the side of his former spouse, Scott Disick:

Mason Dash: according to Kourtney, the first name is what he advised his aunt Karen Houghtonwho said that Mason means the same thing both in English and in Armenian: “worker of stone”. The second is the abbreviation Kardashian and it was the nickname of his father, Robert.

Penelope Scotland: the first is a classic Greek name that means “weaver” but Kourtney he chose it because it seemed cute. The second was suggested by Kris Jenner.

Reign Aston: this is a name that the entrepreneur had always wanted to put one of their children.

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For its part, Kim Kardashian together with her husband, the rapper Kanye West, have four children:

North: is a name referring to a cardinal point, appropriate for any genre.

Saint: this name came because of how difficult it was to Kim the pregnancy.

Chicago– this name is in honor of the city where he grew up Kanyethe same he mentions in several of his songs.

Psalm: refers to psalm that means song in Hebrew. This name came about thanks to that Kanye he has taken the path of christianity.

Likewise, Khloé together with his former spouse, Tristan Thompson, are the parents of True that, according to his statements, is a name to be inspiring and aspirational.

Rob Kardashian is the only man between the matriarchy and, along with his former spouse, Blac Chynahad to Dream Renéewho called it so because it is a dream come true.

Finally, the smallest of the sisters, Kylie Jennerthe mother of Stormi next to the rapper Travis Scott. According to the businesswoman, this name is an abbreviation of “storm” and her daughter arrived after a storm.

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