What is the meaning of the Phase 3 Covid-19 what are the measures?


What is the meaning of the Phase 3 Covid-19 what are the measures?

Mexico is preparing for the Phase 3 Covid-19


Mexico is preparing for the Phase 3 Covid-19. “Phase 3 is going to give you, there is no doubt that is going to give you”advised the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell.

What to expect in this phase?

It is the period of maximum transmission, the maximum cases per day.”

So the Health sector is working to avoid the “saturation of the health system”.

When do you start Phase 3?

  • There is No set date; although it is anticipated that could be filed in two or three weeks.
  • In addition to… “The situation is going to be more intense after 30 April”.

What measures will be taken?

It would strengthen the measures adopted in the Phase 2:

  • Protect and care for older people and other most at risk groups.
  • Be devoted to extend the suspension of classes is planned at the 30th of April.
  • Not to hold any mass event, celebration or meeting.
  • Keep paralyzed work activities that involve the mobilization of people in all sectors of the society.
  • Intensify the basic measures of prevention.

And what about the Health sector, how prepared are you?

  • The Health system will have the support of staff of the IMSS, ISSSTE, the ministry of National Defense and the Navy and Pemex
  • We will have groups formed by a physician intensivist who with the support of five specialists, will serve 25 patients with Covid-19.
  • It is anticipated a counter-claim hospital, which provides:
  1. Hospitals campaign, that is to say, adapt and bedding to be placed in parking lots of medical centers

Will there be a curfew?

Fire officer with Covid-19 that spat doctors

It is discarded to implement a curfew, although in some states from the Phase 2 has already applied sanctions to those who do not respond to the invitation, “Stay at home” to avoid contamination by Covid-19.


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