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After Barbiecore and Mermaidcore, TikTok has resumed another trend: what is Coquette Aesthetic and why is everyone talking about it? A practical explanation is given by an American stylist.

tik tak always one step ahead when it comes to trends and after Barbicor And mermaid core marked the months of 2023, the time has come Coquette Aesthetics. This is a beauty trend, which literally means flirty aesthetic. The flirtatious aesthetic is a perfect and balanced combination of sensuality and romanticism, which gives a bold yet gentle look and in turn is reminiscent of other trends that have recently come back into the spotlight, such as, for example, Regency Core.

Coquette Aesthetic trend
Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

fever off Bridgerton certainly helped the Regency style make a comeback, but summer brought attention to the Coquette Aesthetic. What exactly is it? This is not just a beauty field, this is a real style, which also affects the choice of wardrobe and accessories. On TikTok, his linking hashtag is currently at about 1.3 billion views becomes a global phenomenon.

Coquette Aesthetic, the new trend that took Generation Z by storm, has gone viral on TikTok.

Among the most sought-after fashion trends of today, Coquette Aesthetic focuses primarily on sensual and romantic silhouettes, pastel and delicate colors and silk clothing. Translated as a flirtatious aesthetic, but in fact this trend relies primarily on the more romantic and playful aspect of the term and, as the American stylist points out Marisa Ledfordis an interpretation of Gen Z. A PeopleHe said: “Soft and ultra-feminine, it refers to the Victorian Regency era.“. Dollies, ruffles, pastels and silk best define this glamorous style, and it’s also gone viral thanks to Hollywood celebrities.

Coquette Aesthetic trend
Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

Let’s think, for example, about Lana Del Reyoften associated with this style or even Sydney Sweeney AND Lily Rose Depp, celebrity of the moment thanks Euphoria AND Idol. This trend dates back to the days of Marie Antoinette and went viral back in 2010 with the support of Tumblr before returning to the rescue thanks to TikTok. So what should you wear to keep up with the trend? We aim for corsets, miniskirts paired with micro tops and lively ruffles, lace and more lace, and the addition of platform necklines or elegant and timeless Mary Janes in any color. There will also be room for accessories such as large hair bows, headbands and romantic barrettes. They do not mind pearls and lace, as well as high puffy tails.

Series such as “Legacy”, “Bridgerton”. and Lana Del Rey’s new music is probably the inspiration for most. Combined with the growing popularity of used and vintage shopping as Gen Z continues to focus on sustainability and crave unique pieces in their wardrobe.“. This explanation was given by stylist Marisa Ledford. People for trend growth. Many stars could not resist the call, from Margot Robbie To Hailey Bieber before Bella Hadid. And Zenday And Elle Fanning.

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