What is the strongest Batman? The ranking of all films

You couldn’t wait to argue about what the Batman stronger in live action, right? Let’s take this thing with lightness and sportiness and try to understand who and how could be the best among those seen in the cinema, ready?

Then in the meantime let’s tighten the circle Batman in live action at the cinema, otherwise we make night and there are other challenges like this that await us. So no TV series or Lego Batman, so to speak.

In the last place we put the Batman by George Clooney, although he got the better of people like Mr. Freeze and Poison IV Iv Except that he has been largely helped and is perhaps the most giglio Bat Man of all: if you take out the Bat-Credit Card it means that by now you are no longer interested in fighting dai.

One step above is the other Batman less loved, that of Val Kilmer. Perhaps stronger than Bat-Cloone perché He could get the better of the Nespresso man.

And then we insert the Batman by Robert Pattinson. That maybe some position in the ranking could climb it but by nature the character is novice, he lacks the experience and even a certain amount of gadgets. This does not hold him back on brutality and the desire to excel, which is why in our opinion he would still beat Cloone. But right now it is in the middle of the ranking. Do you know when The Batman 2 comes out?

Who knows where would the Batfleck be with a film dedicated to him or with better character management. Physical power, brutality, zero scruples, an avalanche of gadgets and the superpower of wealth, according to what he says. It does not go higher in the ranking because it lacks a bit of film material to analyze the character to the end, but there is also to say that it is the only one to have led Superman, so we are not surprised if you want to put it in first place.

Silver medal for the most experienced of the company: the Batman by Michael Keaton. In Burton’s two films he had already shown enormous value and a certain amount of madness that never hurts. And with The Flash, he also held up an alien invasion as an elder and with old and malfunctioning gadgets. What more do you want?

In the first place though we have to put Christian Bale’s Batman. Because most of all he had room to grow and mature, both from the superhero point of view and from the human point of view. And gadgets, come on, that Batmobile would blow up all the others. At the level of hand-to-hand combat he is certainly the most trained of all and has technological resources capable of making his opponents pale. And three starring films, which no one has.

Do you agree with our ranking? Which, we remember, is goliardic and made to joke about an orphaned billionaire who beats pickpockets in dark alleys. According to you what is the strongest Batman of all? Tell us in the comments!

Meanwhile, to add one to the list, let’s figure out when they will announce the Batman of The Brave and the Bold.

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