What is the true meaning of the Christmas tree

The Christmas, and when you think about this time, it is difficult not to come to mind a Christmas tree, one of the most easily recognizable objects of this stage. It is common for the Christmas tree in Argentina to be assembled every December 8, but few people will know where this practice originated, and why is it so widespread in our country.


By the time the first Christians came to Europe, they discovered that the inhabitants had a celebration in which adorned a tree to celebrate the birth of Frey, god of the Sun and fertility. The story goes that Saint Boniface, who was the evangelizer from GermanyHe cut down a tree and in its place put a pine tree that symbolized the love of God. This tree was decorated with apples and candles, the former symbolized the original sin and the temptations, while the latter represented the light of christ.
With the passage of time the tradition of put gifts for the children under the tree, which were sent by Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus, or Santa Claus In our country.

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