What is The Voice of Liberty about and why is it controversial?

Movie voice of freedom (Voice of Liberty, Spanish) was an impressive and controversial film in the United States. Now, we can finally see it in Mexico at the end of August. We leave you with everything you need to know.

Among the studio’s summer hits (such as from indiana jones And Mission impossible), the child-trafficking film has raised more than $100 million in the US alone.

what is this about voice of freedom?

The film follows former U.S. Department of Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard as he quits his job to enter the child-trafficking underworld in the United States and Latin America.

After rescuing a boy, Tim Ballard discovers that the boy’s sister is still in captivity and embarks on a dangerous mission to free her.

Is it based on a true story?

The protagonist of The Voice of Liberty is based on Timothy Ballard, Former Homeland Security agent.I also started an organization called Fight Human Trafficking Operation Underground Railroad (OUR).

Ballard quit her job to dismantle child trafficking networks in other countries.and while the movie is a very free and dramatic adaptation of their experiencesIn 2014, it did help disrupt a key network in Colombia.

CBS News reports that Tim Ballard and Columbia police conducted an undercover operation that rescued 54 boys and girls, ages 11 to 18.

Both Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad claim to have saved hundreds of victims to date.However, some investigations have limited these facts to unverifiable.

that’s why she was charged Distorting the complex nature of sex trafficking. The dramatic video of his attack has also been heavily criticized. Washington post She mentioned that she was also accused of doing little for the victim and criticized for exposing the victim’s video.

voice of freedom where to watch in mexico

The film premiered in the U.S. on July 4. However, it did not premiere simultaneously with our country.

voice of freedom Released in Mexico on August 31. Note that you can buy tickets at Cinemax and Cinépolis.

the man behind the movie

voice of freedom It also attracted the attention of relevant people.

Movie Starring Jim Caviezel.actor known for playing jesus Passion of Christ (yes, Mel Gibson’s).He also starred in the series relevant personswhich lasted five seasons.

Although an American production, the film Directed by Mexican Alejandro Monteverde. his first movie, beautifulwhich won the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Eduardo Verástegui is the producer of voice of freedom. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because the actor-producer has been linked to Mexico’s political life in recent weeks.

Eduardo Verrastegui Donald Trump
Eduardo Villastegui and Jim Caviezel join Donald Trump to promote The Voice of Freedom. Photo: Instagram @eduardoverastegui

behind the controversy voice of freedom

Let’s start with the perspectives of experts and organizations fighting child trafficking. Overall, the movie was pointed out to capture a truly lurid version of the problem.

Erin Albright, an attorney who has worked in the anti-trafficking field for 15 years, told Rolling Stone: voice of freedom It doesn’t reflect the harsh realities of child trafficking.

Teresa Huizar, Executive Director national union for childrentold the same outlet that it is useless and inaccurate to describe child trafficking as the abduction of minors in public places. voice of freedom.

Polaris ProjectAn NGO that fights and prevents sex and labor trafficking (which also has its own controversies) released a statement about the film.

“The ‘Voice of Liberty’ film is a retelling of Hollywood based on one man’s story. It should be viewed exactly as such: not as a holistic view of human trafficking, nor as a blueprint for how best to end it,” he said.

Not only that, but they also pointed out that the focal point of the film is Tim Ballard.

“The true heroes of the anti-trafficking movement have been and always will be survivors of labor and sex trafficking,” Polaris said.

hope for justice, The global nonprofit whose goal is to end human trafficking and modern slavery has also launched its own response voice of freedom.

They explained that while the film’s same production company has acknowledged that many of the characters and situations were fictional and dramatized, it was important to explain that they and other real organizations fighting human trafficking They do not directly engage or use violence against traffickers.

“Once the victim is safe and in a safe place, we share our data and evidence and hand it over to prosecutors to build a case and bring the perpetrators to justice,” they said.

but the people they want to see voice of freedom Generate interest in the topic and connect with organizations to find out how they can help.

Eduardo Verástegui, already a controversial figure

Producer Eduardo Verástegui also gives a lot to talk about.he founded the production company behind voice of freedom.It’s called Angel Studios, and it’s dedicated to creating Christian and Conservative Cut Products.

That’s not all.Outside of the entertainment world, Villastegui has established a Los Angeles-based foundation called Manto de Guadalupe, which is dedicated to anti-abortion.

In 2019, he founded Viva México, which he describes as an organization that supports basic human rights. Peeeeeero Verástegui is an outspoken opponent of abortion and a defender of the traditional family (that is, a family consisting of a man and a woman).

Is this movie about QAnon?

QAnon is a movement that was born on the Internet a few years ago, conspiracy theory.We won’t go into detail (read this note), but technically these theories defend America’s right to even They see Donald Trump as America’s savior (almost, almost of the world).

One theory from QAnon is that Hollywood elites, Democrats and others run a secret cabal of child traffickers.

not The movie doesn’t talk about or mention QAnonBut others claim that doing so is ambiguous because it raises the idea that elite groups have a network of trafficking minors around the world.

“There’s no mention of removing organs from children or drinking their blood. But it still means there’s a very powerful elite pedophile running a global network.” rolling stone arrive CNN.

The company behind the film denies it fuels conspiracy theories.

However, voice of freedom It was also seen as a pro-QAnon film due to the stance and comments of lead character Jim Caviezel. And it’s that he seems to be a believer in those conspiracy theories.

according to bbcJim Caviezel attended QAnon’s 2021 conference, appeared several times on Steve Bannon’s podcast (promoting meritocracy and its trafficking networks), and recently called QAnon a ” good thing”.

you will see voice of freedom When is it coming out in Mexico?

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