What is this celebrity obsession with Uno?

When did Uno become the favorite game of American celebrities? Maybe it all started during the pandemic with Kylie Jenner’s Instagram post: it was August 2020, her birthday, those were the days when board games were the most fun life had to offer. According to Betty Squires, this was the start of a trend. Vultures: After Kylie came Kim – always on Instagram photos of her trying to figure out how to maximize the potential of her sister’s personalized deck – Ziggy Marley, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. With Colleen Hoover’s February 2021 post, the Uno revival seemed to be over, but the best, as we’ve been discovering in recent months, was actually yet to come.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen at the Oscars Party Hosted by Vanity Fair, at one point they surprised the people sitting at the table with them by pulling out the Uno and inviting everyone to play. Last June, another powerful couple joined the movement: Jay-Z and Beyonce, photographed in the middle of a match by producer Steve Stout (apparently, this is how Queen Bey rests in the few days left without Renaissance Tour grants). A month later, Questlove booked a table at a cannabis club in Los Angeles: the guests thought they were going there to smoke, but instead he wanted them all to be sober and focused on Uno. By all we mean, among others: Taylor Swift, Jason Sudeikis, Mike Beerbolyu and Bun B.

The question is legitimate. One of them belongs to Mattel, a company that these days is finishing counting the money raised with Barbie and decide what to do with it. It seems the Mattel Cinematic Universe is under development (we’ve talked about it here), the latest count even shows 45 films in production or discussion. There will also be one dedicated to Uno among them. Which, perhaps, is the film that was already talked about in 2021, describing then with the surreal formulation “a film about a robbery with Lil Yahty in the title role.” The rapper was already defining himself at the time as an old-school Uno player, tough and clean: “I played it as a kid and still do,” he said, to reiterate that Uno fans existed long before Uno was cool. And that they never imagined it would become.

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