What is Tomato Girl Summer, a social trend showing one Italian summer stereotype after another.

Linen maxi dresses, soap and water makeup and Sophia Loren’s cheeky 50s look. It’s a summer trend Tomato Girl Summera hashtag that drives you crazy on social media, between staged photos and images of real food, nothing but tomatoes and olive oil, against the backdrop of the Amalfi Coast.

Tomato Girl Summer, Dolce Vita 4.0

One stereotype after another: the Italian summer is on display on Instagram and TikTok. The Summer of the Tomato Girl is also joined by the Summer of the Lemon Girl, a girl in floral dresses, perhaps with shades of yellow, who poses at sunset, picking the symbolic fruits of the area. The joy of life AND sweet doing nothing to the nth degree. Typical Mediterranean aesthetics and a well-defined style fill social media feeds, setting trends in everything from makeup to fashion. To recreate the look, you need to embody that romantic and leisurely lifestyle: if you just need to wear a flowy dress and make up your lips red to resemble a glossy social media look, then when it comes to cooking, everything becomes even easier. , Between walking through farmers’ markets, aperitifs in outdoor bars and etc.wooden avolat in open area filled with all the goodies of Italian peasant culture, most notably extra virgin olive oil and tomatoes.

Social media trend that fuels tourism growth

The Summer Tomato Girl category on TikTok has over 208 million views, a significant and growing number, so large that Airbnb predicts an exponential increase in travel to Italian coast cities, notably Amalfi, Florence and Sorrento. The exact origin of the trend is unknown, but already in 2018, Vogue announced the return of fruit prints to the fashion world. The trends are mostly followed by American girls, but not only by ordinary users: even VIPs like Billy Eilish and Hailey Bieber are caught in the maelstrom of Mediterranean taste. Perhaps we should talk about more than just trends. energy, An English term for the right vibe, the atmosphere that this type of aesthetic creates, nostalgic at the right moment and suggestive enough. The web is full of tips for recreating themed outfits: for the table, prepare a couple of bruschettas, restore the red and white checkered tablecloth, put on a straw hat, put on some pretty lipstick and you’re done. made. Naturally, with a glass of wine in hand.

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