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Due to the increase of cases covid-19 in the countrythe deputy minister of Health, Hugo López-Gatell reported Tuesday morning on the the beginning of Phase 3 for coronavirus in Mexico, which means that there will be a progression accelerated infections. Not to reinforce the measures of a healthy distance and social isolation, this could cause the health institutions are saturated.

The undersecretary of Prevention and Promotion to Health, Hugo López-Gatell, said at a press conference on the status of the coronavirus in the country and said that “(the input of Stage 3) can be as fast that do not allow the adaptation of the health system despite the fact that we carry the process of conversion and then we are in serious and big problems to take care of people with covid-19″.

Phase 3 against the coronavirus: what it means

López-Gatell reported that during the Phase 3 on the curve epidemiological you will see an increase in the spread daily by coronavirussince these do not increase in the same proportion, but are multiplying, the product of the cluster of cases that are in turn infecting them.

Measures in the Phase 3: at this stage it is envisaged the suspension of mass activities, as well as the school, among others.

Phase 3: what is

In Phase 3 you must strengthen the measures, in order to be more restrictive to prevent the spread of contagion. Without however, the deputy minister of Health has mentioned before that a confinement total in Mexico is unfeasiblesince , unlike other countries such as China, Italy, Spain or the united States, in our country inequality is higher, as more than half of the population lives in poverty.

According to López-Gatell, during this Phase 3, extends the National Day of Healthy Distance until the 30 of may. In addition, in those municipalities with low transmission, if it is maintained and achieves close to 30 of may may be a limitation in advance of a healthy distance with the reopening on the 18th of may.

Measures for Phase 3 of coronavirus

Also maintain the measures of protection to older adultswho are already at-risk population by the covid-19.

“This was approved unanimously by the Board of Health and is in the hands of the Secretary of Health to operationalize these provisions and the states to enforce them in their areas of jurisdiction,” he said.

  • Greeting between people. During Phase 3, the greeting between people may not be either of kiss or embrace.
  • Events in public spaces. Enclosed public spaces such as theatres, cinemas, auditoriums, among others, will remain closed.
  • Events in open spaces. Like the spaces, closed, events, open spaces such as beaches, stadiums, water parks, parks, among others will be cancelled.
  • Schools, high schools and universities. The suspension of classes must be given if there are any present outbreaks active in these educational institutions.
  • Suspension of work. The suspension of activity is not essential in public sectors, social and private remains in force and is of national scope. Those private entities that have not been suspended and are not in the list, should suspend activities, so that people do not have to go to the work space

What is it that changes Phase 2

The steps of Phase 2 are the same; however, the decisions that were made in the Board of Health is to stop clear the powers and the framework of competence of the federal authority and state.

“There can be No measures less stringent than those set by the federal authority but the state authorities have the obligation to enforce them. Yes some state authority has the possibility of having additional measures without affecting human rights then it is the responsibility of state authorities to do so.”


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