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What Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been doing every day since they reconciled. He found out recently

There has always been a strong connection between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, which the two have recently resumed since they reconciled. The beautiful artist ended her relationship with Alex Rodriguez, although the two were only a stone’s throw from the altar. Rumors of the athlete’s infidelity probably led JLo to reconsider accepting the engagement ring. Now, Jennifer has found solace in the arms of actor Ben Affleck, a love ended in 2003, before saying the big “YES”, but which the artist is as excited as a teenager.

What Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been doing since they reconciled

The 51-year-old artist is living an intense period in her love life, after she decided to reconnect with the actor who was her partner in several films. Ever since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reconciled, the two Hollywood stars seem to be inseparable. A person close to the two revealed to People that the Montana getaway did nothing but arouse the feelings between the two even more.

After Jennifer and Ben spent a few days in Montana at Affleck’s cottage, the new couple kept in touch every day. According to the mentioned source, the actress “is still very happy with how things are going”. For two years, between 2002 and 2004, the couple known as “Bennifer” lived a beautiful love story. Later, the two got engaged and were preparing to walk to the altar, but things did not fit and decided to separate. Now that JLo lives in Miami and Ben Affleck in Los Angeles, the two set out to close the gap and meet weekly.

The attraction is strong and that’s good for both of us. Ben is amazed at how beautiful Jen is still, both inside and out. He sees how she has matured as a person and the way she has taken care of her body, she drives him crazy. Jen really enjoyed the trip to Montana and really befriends Ben. She doesn’t want to rush things on the sentimental side. I take it step by step, but things are moving towards a love story, said an inside source, according to the Daily Mail.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, after reconciling
JLo and actor Ben Affleck were together about 17 years ago

Intense love at 51 years old. Jennifer Lopez, an example for all women

The American with Puerto Rican origins is one of the most beloved stars in the world. Beyond the fact that she is a phenomenon in terms of her career, managing to do great not only on stage, but also in front of the cameras, Jennifer Lopez lived a tumultuous love life. The artist is known for her relationships with several famous people, but the singer Marc Anthony is the father of his twins, Max and Emme, aged 13. On the other hand, Ben Affleck also had various experiences, but he was recently divorced from actress Jennifer Garner, with whom he has three children.

The fact that JLo has reached the true age of 51 does not prevent her from living love as passionately as in adolescence. The artist is enjoying a beautiful period, despite breaking up with her ex-partner. And one of the factors is the fact that the star looks phenomenal. Her enviable body is admired every time, and her secret has been revealed, so women can be inspired by the star’s lifestyle. Responsible for Jennifer Lopez’s physical appearance are two famous coaches: David Kirsch, from New York, and Tracy Anderson, from LA.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, after reconciling
The artist displays an enviable body, even at the age of 51

What diet does the Hollywood star follow

Only 1400 calories are allowed Jennifer is allowed to consume daily, in addition, she does not drink coffee or alcohol and opts for a vegan diet. It ensures that it eats only organic foods, rich in nutrients, there is a balance between quality protein and other nutritious foods. Even if it seems that exercise is the key to the flawless body, in reality the secret is in the kitchen, as the artist explained in an interview.

I am 100% sure that exercise is part of what makes me so happy. I exercise three or four times a week. When I’m in New York, I train with David Kirsch, he’s an incredible coach. When I’m in LA, I train with Tracy Anderson, says Jennifer Lopez.

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