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Jennifer Aniston surprises again. And he does it (this time) on social networks: the 54-year-old star has never hidden his regular workouts and rather strict eating style. Aniston undergoes weekly anti-aging treatments and the revelation made in the Wall Street Journal caused a sensation dThat use for beauty facial care based on salmon sperm. But she is also very careful about treatment:ex Rachel Green from Friends exhaust your legs by undergoing pressotherapy. And she showed herself in an inflatable suit used to control a beauty machine.. It is used to facilitate venous and lymphatic return of the lower extremities and can also be extended to the abdomen and arms. To deflate and dry.

This post on lymphatic drainage, also published in the Daily Mail, would be effective and very powerful and worth £10k: Medical pressotherapy is great for reducing water retention (cellulite) and helping the body eliminate toxins and waste. There are different levels of intensity thanks to air pockets that inflate and deflate at different pressures. It can be fun and relaxing. as evidenced by the actress’s face.

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