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“What Kris needs …” Kris Jenner is spoiled by one of her daughters

USA. – Kris jenner shared a fun photo with his daughter Kendall Jenner. A personality published an image where the model is seen crouching with her exclusive dress used in the MET, so that he could tie his mother’s shoelaces. Kendall saw the photo and commented with the phrase “What Kris needs, she gets.”

Derek Blasberg He was the photographer of the funny mother and daughter scene, this young man is the director of the fashion and beauty area in Youtube. For this reason he was one of the special attendees at the exclusive New York gala. The young man placed a caption in the publication where he said that Kris Jenner had asked Kendall to tie her laces while she had her Martini at the gala of the MET.

To this he added that it was the mother hen’s dream and that he would take notes of the relationship of Kris jenner with his kids. The businesswoman and representative of her 6 children found the publication very funny and tender and decided to repost it on her Instagram account. He said it was his favorite photo of the whole night and he gave a tender greeting to his daughter to whom he told how much he loved her.

Instagram: Kris Jenner

Kris jenner She is known for having an enviable relationship with her children whom she accompanies and supports in all the projects they undertake. In fact, their social networks have more photos of them and their grandchildren than of Jenner. She has confessed that it makes her very happy to be able to stay so close to her family in many areas, in addition to being extremely close that they even live close to each other.

Without a doubt, Kris had a wonderful time at the exclusive gala where she wore a black dress, her favorite color, which simulated a kind of suit with a train that gave it the status of a dress. This design was created by the designer Alexander McQueen and I accessorize it with accessories from different fashion brands.

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