What message did Fulgy receive from Johnny Depp after the son of Clejanilor said that the Hollywood star would be his natural father?

Fulgy received a message on his Instagram account after claiming that Johnny Depp was his biological father.

Johnny Depp met Clejanii many times, being fascinated by their musical style. Johnny Depp, who visited Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania, together with director Tim Burton and his bandmates, at the beginning of the year, later visited his friends from Romania, Ioniță and Viorica from Clejani, but also their daughter Margherita. (READ ALSO: THE “DAD” OF THE MANELISTS JUMPS IN DEFENSE OF DAN BURSUC, AFTER FULGY ACCUSED HIM THAT HE RAPED THE DAUGHTER!)

Ioniță from Clejani sang with the Haiducilor band, in the 2000s, in the movie “The Man Who Cried”, where she also played in a scene and had Christina Ricci as her partner. The Hollywood star claimed at the time that he instantly fell in love with “gypsy” music and, since that day, has continued to promote this genre of music, using it in several documentaries, including the 2006 production of “When the Road Bends.” .

Johnny Depp, message for Fulgy

In the last scandal he provoked, Fulgy accused his parents of abruptly calling him Viorica and Ioniță from Clejani “psychopaths”. He admitted that he quarreled with those who gave him life, but he confessed at the time that there was no question of giving in to his father.

The young man also stated that he is the son of the famous actor Johnny Depp. It’s just that now he would have received a harsh message from the actor, which made the fans think.

“Fulgy, go to hell!”, Johnny Depp would have written on social networks. (DON’T MISS: WHAT DOES MARGHERITA DO FROM CLEJANI, WHILE FULGY IS IN ARREST AT HOME)

Johnny Depp, message for Fulgy (photo source: Intstagram)


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