What movies and series to watch on August 1 on TV

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Six seasons, 84 episodes of an hour and twenty each. A cult series dedicated to the story of a group of young, ambitious dancers and actors who attend the most famous and important dance and acting school in Madrid. To land Netflix Paso AdelanteSpanish TV drama first aired in 2002. Monica Cruz (younger sister of Penelope) Beatriz Luengo AND Miguel Angel Munoz.


At 21.15 in sky atlantic (channel 110) and live Nowthere’s a new Sky Original supernatural drama series, Souls – All the lives you remember. Directors Alex Eslam and Hanna Maria Heidrich explore the theme of reincarnation, revolving around the story of three women: Hanna (Brigitte Hobmeier), Ellie (Julia Kositz) and Lynn (Rene Gerschke) who, at least on the surface, have nothing in their lives. . common, but which actually represent the past, present and future associated with one tragic event. Their lives intertwine and change forever when the son of one of them starts acting strange after an accident.


The story of Edson Arantes do Nascimento, who became famous throughout the world as Pelecome back upstairs Netflix. The 2016 biopic, written and directed by brothers Jeff and Michael Zimbalist, traces the life of one of the greatest footballers from his difficult childhood in the favelas of São Paulo to his victory in the 1958 World Cup.


John and Kathleen are business rivals. He owns a chain of bookstores, she owns a small children’s book store. The two intertwine in a relationship on the dating site they are on, maintaining their anonymity. On Twenty seven at 21.10 romantic comedy You’ve got mailwith the main characters Tom Hanks AND Meg Ryan.


A sixteen-year-old girl becomes the perfect assassin thanks to the training of her father, who is preparing a risky mission for her in Europe. However, the young woman begins to think about her own fate. Saoirse Ronan AND Hannah in the 2011 film directed by Joe Wrightwhere the actress plays together Eric Bana AND Cate Blanchett. On Nine at 21.35.


RaiMovie (Channel 24) at 21.10 offers All the money in the world, 2017 biopic, author Ridley Scott, about the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, the grandson of the then richest man in the world, which took place in Rome in 1973. The cast features Charlie Plummer as the little protagonist, in addition to Michelle Williams, Mark Wahlberg AND Christopher Plummerthe latter called for a seat Kevin Spacey removed from the set due to accusations of harassment towards her.

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