What movies and series to watch on August 3 on TV

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Young man Jake Gyllenhaal AND Donnie Darkoin preliminary work 2001 Richard Kellypresented only three years later in Italy out of competition for Venice Film Festival and became a cult. Donnie is a teenager struggling with the challenges of his age, between youthful awkwardness and family disputes. Their only friends are Gretchen (Jena Malone) and Frank, a giant rabbit that only he, Su, can see. A7d (Channel 29) at 21.30. Also in the cast Maggie Gyllenhaal AND Drew Barrymore.


The second season is coming to Netflix Heart plugs. In these new series Nick and Charlie, who met and fell in love in the first season, are still living their relationship to this day. Meanwhile, Tara and Darcy face unexpected challenges as Tao and Elle try to move beyond their friendship. Between exams on the horizon, a school trip to Paris, and dances to organize, friends have a lot on their minds as they face the new challenges of life, love, and friendship.


After a major terrorist attack, Special Agent Doug Carlin is tasked with tracking down the perpetrator using experimental technology that allows him to travel through time. Tony Scott guides Denzel Washington in 2006 shares Deja vu – race against timeon the air Network4 at 21.25.


On Paramount+ there is a new crime series based on the novels of Simon Beckett, Chemistry of death. Dr. David Hunter as Harry Treadaway – A former forensic anthropologist who practices until a family disaster forces him to give up both career and life. Thus, Hunter begins to work as a doctor. But when Chief Inspector Mackenzie asks him to identify the body, the man is afraid to face old and sickly demons from the past.


Charlie is a shy and insecure teenager trying to overcome the trauma of his friend Michael’s suicide. When he meets Sam and his brother, the boy discovers his passion for music and writing and falls in love for the first time. Logan Lerman, Emma Watson AND Ezra Miller are the main characters We are endless2012 coming of age Stephen Chboskybased on his epistolary novel wall boy. Broadcast on A5 (Channel 30) at 21.10.

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