What part of the body of Andrea Legarreta would bite Raúl Araiza? So confesses the driver


‘The Black’ Araiza was surprised in Instagram to admit that it would be able to bite your partner program Today

As is usual, Andrea Legarreta shared with followers on Instagram a photograph that boasts its beauty and its legs, which were praised by his followers and by Raul ‘The Black’ Araiza who even admitted that it would be able to bite her.

The photograph in question was taken during the visit of the popular driver of the program ‘Today’ the Archaeological Zone of Comalcalco, but what caught the attention of the image is the legs from Andrea.

Immediately, followers began to upload comments praising the beauty of the driver of the morning. But the one that called more the attention was the one taken by his teammate Raul Araiza.

The driver not only praise the beauty of the driver, but he also admitted that he would bite your legs. “If it were beetle will bite a leg,” commented the also actor accompanied by a few emojis of devils.

Raul Araiza legs Andrea Legarreta
Raúl AraizaScreenshot

Some internet users took the message as a hint that there is a love stronger than a simple friendship between the drivers. Since ‘The Black’ confirmed his divorce, it has been speculated on some of the romances of the actor, including one with his partner Yaneth Garcia.

A few hours of having shared photography has accumulated more than 23,045 I Like, confirming that Andrea Legarreta is one of the drivers of most beloved to accumulate more of 3.99 million followers.

Few days ago the driver was protagonist of a series of speculation that the tachaban as a ‘diva’. This after the publication of the column of Alex Kaffie.

According to the columnist, Andrea Legarreta had refused to participate in ‘El camioncito Today’, section of the newspaper in which the conductors share moments with your followers.

Situation that bothered the driver and I take his right of reply to clarify that it was not refused to participate in this section.

“Your column sounds like that I’m rude, classist and malagradecida with the public. And it is not so! Even in my worst moments (including wakes) I’ve refused a photo. You have been misinformed, I NEVER put objection to The Camioncito!”, noted.

Through a WhatsApp sent to Kaffie, Andrea also commented that during the present season of the program ‘Today’ has felt excluded.

“This season I’ve lived through bouts where I have received a bad wave, I have made it to a side and there have been marked differences, however, there no one says anything”Andrea Legarreta

It should be noted that Andrea is one of the conductive oldest in the program ‘Today’, since for more than 20 years of age are involved in the program, positioning itself as one of the favorite of the audience and a fundamental piece of the morning.