What reconciliation in sight? Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are still in contact


The breakdown of Scott and Sofia really happened, if they decided to cut, but it is also true that you have remained in contact through messages, since they were separated. So your friends think that there is a huge possibility that they consider to be back together again in the future

Was that said by an informant to the web site of the magazine Us Weekly. From the 19 of may inform you that everything indicated that Scott and Sofia they had taken different paths, when he saw the model of 21 years old staying in the house of an unknown man. The confirmation of the formal disruption came a few days after, the 27, of own voice Disick (37).

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie
The level of ‘drama’ in the relationship of Scott and Sofia was such, that he was very concerned about Lionel and Nicole Richie.

This announcement came after it emerged that Scott he entered a center in Colorado, to “ease the trauma of the past”, as the death of his parents Bonnie and Jeffrey Disickin 2013 and 2014, as well as his anxiety caused by the quarantine and pandemic coronavirushe explained his lawyer Marty Singer, but abandoned the place after it was leaked a photograph of him.

This separation did not surprise much to the people around you, because, as he said someone close to the celebrity couple the magazine People: “Scott and Sofia they are the type of couple who constantly separate and re-board. It’s all very dramatic and then everything returns to be ok.”