What returned? Gigi Hadid is still in contact with Zayn Malik


It is No secret that Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron had a short romance of two months, which ended last October, and everything seems to indicate that the ex-couple was not on good terms, as both left followed in their social networks. However, what has been giving what to talk about, is not his previous breakup, but rumors of a possible return between the model and your ex-couple, Zayn Malik.

According to the site E! News, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been lately in contact, as a source close to the model said: “Gigi has always had a thing for Zayn, have a great history. Went through a phase where they had to take some time out and not even communicated, but have been in contact lately. She supports him and they chat once in a whileeverything has been casual.”

The story between Gigi and Zayn

There is No doubt that the model and the ex-one direction formed one of the couples most acclaimed in the entertainment industry. Their romance began in 2016, and officially ended in March 2018.

Despite having completed a year ago, the ex-partner continued leaving a couple of timeshowever, never did anything official, even, the model put an end to the rumors by starting a relationship with Tyler Cameronand after its rupture with the latter, the rumors between a romance with Zayn have been fanned once more.

The fact that both are unmarried and remain in contact, gives a lot to talk about, because Gigi and Zayn share a great story, and despite the fact that all indications are that it’s something casual, there is no doubt that between the two there is still a sweetheartthough of course, Hadid has revealed on multiple occasions that I would not return with him, for according to her, the reason why that ended was because they were not ‘compatible’.