What sneakers to wear next fall: fashion trends 2023

Return to the golden age. This is probably the leitmotif that distinguishes the latest trends in terms of sneakers most popular due to‘Autumn 2023. Judging by the latest trends of the moment, the common denominator is a throwback from the seventies and eighties with a good and healthy dash of ’90s. Cause? Triumph of colors.

After such neutrality, colors appear

So far the only main characters Street style there were shoes in neutral colors: after the predominance of white, often cream or beige, autumn should bring a big breath of color. Intuition comes from trend maker first of all, the so-called IT girls, who in recent months have repeatedly demonstrated models who are destined to become real must have.

Sneakers fall 2023 Life&People Magazine

Take Hailey Bieber for example, who has always been in the spotlight when it comes to new trends. The top model was photographed several times with sneakers with a bright blue color, while famous actress Jennifer Lawrence often chose specific Adidas models, namely the Samba and Gazelle, favoring other bright colors such as green and purple. These are two very simple options, but they can surprise if you combine them with a certain outfit. But be careful not to underestimate the eye-catching power of white, a shade that will remain in fashion this season, perhaps paired with accessories in a bolder palette to give your look a brighter touch.

Is Billie Eilish starting a colorful trend?

Speaking of trend-makers, what Billie Eilish has done lately certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. The American singer managed to attract attention by always choosing extremely comfortable outfits, while maintaining a very high standard. cool; recently released the Alpha Air Force Low in collaboration with sportswear giant Nike, adorning them with bright red and black detailing, adding a big chromatic twist to the trend.

Sneakers fall 2023 Life&People Magazine

Then, at Copenhagen Fashion Week, another event that is increasingly followed and, above all, the attention of professionals, the Ganni brand presented a new limited edition collection created exclusively for New Balance, which highlights neon yellow sneakers with black details . This combination, albeit in softer tones, was made famous by Onitzuka Tiger, another historic brand that has now become evergreen as for sneakers.

Why should you choose colored sneakers in the fall?

In addition to the purely aesthetic factor, the choice colorful sneakers unlike whites, he can also revert to simply choosing convenience. In autumn, especially in large cities, neutral shoes risk getting even more dirty due to continuous rain. On the other hand, color not only gives additional energy, but also allows you to hide possible stains of dirt without ruining the outfit. But be careful, it may be neutral clothing choices that will help you find the perfect fit. sneakers which, not surprisingly, always stand out more with a calm and not too bright outfit.

Sneakers fall 2023 Life&People Magazine

But which models are the most popular now? A special place is given to vintage Autry, very interesting for its aged leather effect, white Nike Blazer with black inserts (the cult is already 50 years old), Handball Spezial from Adidas, as well as the super innovative Salomon, XT-4 – OG sneakers are very modern and suitable for all occasions .

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