What the British Royal Family Did After the Duke of Edinburgh’s Funeral Revealed

Queen Elizabeth II mourns the death of Prince Philip.

Contrary to what was stated at the time, the attendees did not meet privately to remember the deceased, but left shortly after the event

The public security measures approved by the British government in the framework of the current pandemic forced Elizabeth II to sit alone in the Chapel of St. George to say the last goodbye to her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, as those attending the funeral had to maintain a distance of two meters inside the temple unless they belonged to the same household.

At the exit, several members of the British royal family could be seen chatting among themselves before Prince Charles decided that they would all walk back to Windsor Castle instead of getting into the cars that were waiting for them to make that short journey. Now the husband of Zara Phillips, granddaughter of the sovereign and daughter of Princess Anne, has revealed what they did later, when they were away from the cameras, to clarify that they did not meet in private to remember the deceased, contrary to what that was affirmed at the time.

“That’s what she does, lead by example,” said Mike Tindall about the integrity with which the monarch faced such a hard day and that it was also marked by strict regulations. “I can say that it seemed incredible to see it, although deep down I did not want to see it (in those circumstances), everyone has already seen it. Even after the funeral, we were told, ‘Well, you all have to go.’ So he couldn’t count on that support right after. I think the way the funeral was planned and developed was exceptional, “he added in a statement to the ” Good morning Britain “program.


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