What the future Ford Ranger and Volkswagen Amarok will have in common

Ford just presented the new generation of the Ranger, your medium pick up. And the news is not only important for users of the Oval, but also for those of Volkswagen: the next Amarok will be based on the new Ranger, the result of a historic collaboration agreement between the two automakers long ago.

Passing on clean, the new generation of the Volkswagen Amarok will be produced by Ford from multiple elements seen in the new Ranger, such as the chassis and engines. But beware: this agreement will not run in Argentina, where an agreement was not reached between the automakers. The new Amarok will be produced from 2022 only in South Africa, the result of an investment of 1 billion dollars.

What the future Ford Ranger and Volkswagen Amarok will have in common

In Argentina, both models are currently produced. Each one for their brand, of course. Ford makes the Ranger and Volkswagen makes the Amarok. Both do so in Pacheco, where their industrial centers were left after the division of Autolatina, a joint venture that has nothing to do with this agreement.

The new generations were also going to be manufactured in Argentina. But here arose the main disagreement between Ford and Volkswagen at the local level: in which plant they would be produced. Ford wanted to build the future Ranger and Amarok at its industrial complex, which was left with high idle capacity after the withdrawal of the Focus, but Volkswagen objected.

Is that Volkswagen is in a similar situation to Ford: in 2019, in Pacheco it stopped manufacturing the Suran and today it produces only the Amarok. So if Ford “stole” production from the Amarok, your plant would be left with little activity. The German firm invested 650 million dollars to install a new platform and produce the Taos from this year (it is a midsize SUV), but it will not be, at least initially, a large-volume model to run the assembly line smoothly. rhythm.

Specifically, Ford wanted to produce the new Ranger and Amarok at its plant, but Volkswagen understands that it cannot get rid of the manufacture of the Amarok so easily, since, thus, a good part of its industrial center would be inactive. And that would mean less work for your operators.

For now, the new Ranger is confirmed for Argentina in 2023 and the future of the Amarok is unknown. One of the strongest rumors is that Volkswagen would have closed the Tarok production project in Argentina as of 2025 to take the place that the Amarok would leave free.

Ranger 2023. Photo: Ford.
Ranger 2023. Photo: Ford.

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