What the “Rust” Gunsmith Said About the Bullet Alec Baldwin fired in the Accident

The Weapons Officer from the movie Rust I was unaware that there would be “real bullets” on the set where the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins died after actor Alec Baldwin fired a gun during a trial, his lawyers said Friday.

“Ultimately, this set would never have been compromised if live ammunition had not been introduced,” said the attorneys for Hannah Gutierrez-Reed it’s a statement. “Hannah has no idea where the real bullets came from”, They detailed convinced.

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The letter is the first pronouncement of Gutierrez-Reed, 24, after the tragic accident where Baldwin fired a gun during a rehearsal from the western movie, in New Mexico, and killed the filmmaker.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed
Hannah Gutierrez-Reed

What Hannah Gutierrez-Reed said about the weapons used on the set of “Rust”

The gunsmith’s lawyers denied in the text versions that circulated in the media that the weapons had been used to practice target shooting during the recordings that were made at the Bonanza Creek Ranch, a famous location among Hollywood producers: “ Hannah and the propmaster had control over the guns and she never saw someone shoot real bullets with these guns nor would I allow it ”.

In that sense, they explained that the weapons were locked “every night and during lunch and there is no way that any of them were out of control to be fired by the team.” On the set of Rust there were three weapons, according to authorities.

Halyna Hutchins was the cinematographer of "Rust" (Photo: AP Photo / Andres Leighton).
Halyna Hutchins was the cinematographer on “Rust.” (Photo: AP Photo / Andres Leighton).

How was Alec Baldwin’s accident step by step in “Rust”

According to the testimonies released by the investigators, Gutierrez-Reed placed the weapons on a cart, from where the assistant director, Dave Halls, took the LL Pietta Long Colt 45 revolver and handed it to Baldwin yelling “cold gun”, the movie jargon to warn that the gun was unloaded.

Halls, questioned by authorities after the accident, acknowledged that did not fully check the gun before handing it over.

The Hollywood actor accidentally killed a cinematographer during the filming of "Rust".  (Photo: Santa Fe New Mexican)
The Hollywood actor accidentally killed a cinematographer while filming “Rust.” (Photo: Santa Fe New Mexican)

Baldwin explained to the team how he would position the gun for a scene when the gun went off and hit Hutchins, 42, and the production manager, Joel souza, 48 years old. Souza, wounded in the shoulder, was discharged shortly after, while the director of photography was pronounced dead in a hospital to which she was transferred by helicopter.

What New Mexico authorities found on the set of “Rust” after Alec Baldwin’s accident

Authorities found about 500 bullets on set, including bursts, fake and real, Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza reported this week. “There was some complacency on this set,” he said.

Team members Rust made complaints about working conditions and security failures. They also commented that there were two previous shooting incidents on set prior to Hutchins’ death. “Hannah has never had an accidental shot so far. The first [disparo] on this set it was the prop manager and the second was a stunt double, ”his lawyers said in the statement.

Halyna Hutchins was shot while practicing a scene from "Rust" with Alec Baldwin (Photo: Reuters).
Halyna Hutchins was shot while practicing a scene from “Rust” with Alec Baldwin (Photo: Reuters).By: VIA REUTERS

The text of the Gutierrez-Reed lawyers also questions the security protocols of Rust as well as Gutierrez-Reed’s workload and holds production accountable. “The whole set became unsafe due to various factors (…) This was not Hannah’s fault. She was hired for two jobs on this movie, which made it was very difficult to focus on her work as a gunsmith. She fought for training, days to keep the weapons and time to prepare for the shots, but in the end this was disregarded by the production and her department. “

The gunsmith’s lawyers reported that they will present another statement next week.

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