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What the woman who hired Princess Diana as a nanny said about it. What he loves to do to people

A life like in fairy tales with princesses and a tragic end like in blockbuster movies. Princess Diana is, even today, one of the most loved and popular personalities of all time, and her life has been a real source of inspiration for millions of people around the world.

What kind of nanny was Princess Diana

Few people know the life story of Lady Di until she became a member of the British royal family. Before marrying Prince Charles, Diana Spencer worked at the age of 18 as a nanny for only $ 5 an hour.

The one who was to become the most popular princess in the world worked as a babysitter for the child of a businesswoman named Mary Robertson. Interviewed in the documentary Diana produced by CNN, which will be broadcast, in the next period, on small screens around the world, the American described the teenager Diana.

The woman said that Princess Diana was sensitive, cheerful, gentle and extremely warm to the people around her. He loved children and felt the need to embrace people. At the same time, Lady Di worked as an educator at a kindergarten in London.

“One of her extraordinary qualities was that she was very tactile, she tended to hug people, to touch them and to be close to them. That warm, loving, trustworthy personality has always been there, ”Mary Robertson told CNN.

The actor who had his eyes on Princess Diana

Few people know that actors Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone have developed a passion for the beautiful Lady Di. Artist Elton John was a very good friend of Princess Diana, and the controversial singer revealed that the two stars coveted the heart of the famous blonde.

Elton John recounts what he remembers from a lavish 90’s party, where Richard Gere had just broken up with supermodel Cindy Crawford, and Princess Diana had divorced Prince Charles.

“Immediately, Richard Gere and Diana seemed very close. While we were talking, we could see a strange atmosphere in the room. Judging by her appearance, the new friendship that had blossomed between Diana and Richard Gere was not at all to Sylvester Stallone’s liking. I think he came to the party with the clear intention of being with Diana, only his plans had been ruined, “said artist Elton John some time ago.

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