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Californian, born in 1991, a degree in fashion merchandising from FIT and a client base of superstars with whom she shares a passion: the one for vintage of (almost) unique pieces, pre-loved archival gems that appeal because of their quality, ethics and aesthetics regardless of the name. Mimi Cuttrellis the celebrity stylist, as well as personal shopper, with a very recognizable trait: denim (a lot), vibrant colors and unusual accessories. The whole, usually combined into one mash-up between high and low, one eye on the street and one on the luxury of new and old brands, according to a research that does not disdain emerging ones as long as they are of value. That’s how he conquered the Hadid sistersbut also the Madelyn Cline Of Outer Banksor the Maude Apatow Of Euphoria, models and actresses for whom Cuttrell signs red carpet looks, as well as off-duty but impactful ensembles. An immoderate love for the eras that were, the 90s and 2000s above all, to be dosed by layering, another whim of the stylist who plays with layering between old and new. Observing Gigi Hadid and judging: at the presentation of Guest in Residence, last September in New York, the super top interpreted fringed denim and a corset with a contemporary deal, a vintage addition to the baby pink cashmere shirt, signed by the newborn knitwear brand whose model and founder. A concentrate of Mimi Cuttrell’s highly glam stylistic code: shades eye-catchingjeans and, of course, vintage. And it is no coincidence, then, that bustiers and the like are part of the compendium of must-have treasures to be awarded, according to the stylist, in 2023. “Type the keywords “Rare” or “Vintage” before any product or trend you are looking for, leads to retailers with impeccable taste from which you can buy incredible objects”, Mimi recently commented from the pages of the magazine InStyle. She, recently awarded the title of ambassador of the luxury second-hand platform Depop, then went on to suggest the 5 vintage trends to search for in 2023, aka vintage fashion items to buy now to renew the wardrobe. What they are is soon said: Mary Janes, kitten heels and square toe boots and booties. But also corsets and jeans (slightly) flared for a reference to the past that does not betray modern fashion diktats.

These are the essentials of the wardrobe and they must all be sought, rigorously, pre-owned or pre-loved, as fashion romantically calls garments today of yesteryear that taste of luxury and uniqueness.

And so, teachings of super stylists in hand, let’s find out together the 5 vintage trends of 2023 according to Mimi Cuttrell and the 5 vintage fashion items to buy now.

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The 5 vintage fashion trends of 2023 according to Mimi Cuttrell: the Mary Janes

Childish flavour, retro allure. There Mary Jane it is the prettiest cleavage of all. It will be the shiny leather with which it is often declined, it will be the strap that embraces the ankle that leads the imagination to childhood shoes. In truth, the fashion fetish of the flapper from the 1920s or the Mary Quant from the 1960s is now proposed by fashion in a multitude of versions, including the massive ones with maxi platforms that make them extremely sexy footwear. But the “original” is this one: the one with very low heels to be worn with short socks for a collegiate and bon ton mood. And who knows, among vintage markets and luxury second-hand boutiques, you might not be able to conquer a little treasure directly from the Roaring Twenties.

The 5 vintage trends of 2023 according to Mimi Cuttrell: the kitten heel

The kitten heels, i.e. the “cat” heel, conquers for two reasons: comfort and elegance. Today in the pump, slingback or mule version, it has the distinctive feature in the tiny, very thin heel that never exceeds five centimetres. A story to be traced back to the Fifties and Sixties, when Roger Vivier conceives the comma heel, the kitten heel was worn by fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy. An immediate synonym of refinement, it elevates anything you wear it with to chic. Mimi Cuttrell teaches.

The 5 vintage trends of 2023 according to Mimi Cuttrell: square toe ankle boots

Among the most comfortable trends that have been raging in fashion for a few seasons now, the square toe boot it’s the vintage obsession we deserve. Because it is very comfortable, with the geometric toe to make room for the foot, and for the Sixties (but also Nineties) aesthetic that it echoes, with the clean lines that bring to mind the Space Age of André Courrèges. This must be why the stylist Mimi Cuttrell has included the “rational” ankle boot among the vintage must-haves of 2023. It has a flavor of the past – especially if you manage to find one in patent leather and block heel, in a perfect Sixties mood – and it can be worn with everything, from mini to oversized jeans, passing through midi skirts.

The 5 vintage trends of 2023 according to Mimi Cuttrell: the corset

Recently, (re) leapt to the headlines of men’s fashion thanks to Dolce & Gabbana, the corset has a history spanning centuries. From an instrument of torture (because fence) of women between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, to a symbol of seduction bordering on bondage. Unforgettable, the iconic one by Jean Paul Gaultier sported by Madonna during the World Ambition Tour from ’90, or the one worn by Kate Moss on the Versace catwalk for spring summer ’95. Today, a symbol of female empowerment and seduction, the bustier is layered over the shirt for looks that take nothing for granted. Just as Gigi Hadid and Mimi Cuttrell like it who, not surprisingly, recommends buying it vintage.

The 5 vintage trends of 2023 according to Mimi Cuttrell: flared denim

We know that denim is a foundation of fashion. But the stylist of the stars recommends the pre-loved and flared purchase, that is to say the jeans slightly open at the bottom that gracefully recalls the seventies of the flower children. Why this tip? Because the Genoa canvas trousers made in this way are ultra-versatile: they can be combined with flat or heeled shoes and style is guaranteed. A garment to be sure of being vintage, even fringed here and there, for an ultra-cool lived-in effect. Because, as stated by Cuttrell a Who What Wear: “There are so many one-of-a-kind pieces – from famous or otherwise famous designers – that deserve to be repurposed into modern wardrobes”. So let it be shopping, but vintage!

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