What to do in Milan in summer? Concerts, exhibitions and initiatives not to be missed by those who stayed in the city

What to do in Milan in summer? Concerts, exhibitions and initiatives not to be missed by those who stayed in the city

Like every summer Milan, the city is tinged with many initiatives designed to entertain the general public who have decided not to go on holiday. Long gone are the days of the August days, obligatory spent by the sea or in the mountains, in the month when the metropolis was empty, when industrial activity ceased. Today habits have changed and many families decide to spend part of the summer attending the many events planned in the capital.

And never before has the offer been as diverse and interesting as this year, able to satisfy the needs of young and old. You will be spoiled for choice: theater and dance festivals, exhibitions, film screenings. With an interesting novelty: since this year, summer Milan has another direction, thanks to the schedule of events planned at the venues BIMinserted into the great urban regeneration that saw the light in the heart of Bicocca. A series of events sponsored by the municipality of Lombardy in the name of art, culture and society. What to do in Milan in summer? Here are some ideas on how to spend the hottest period of 2023 in serenity.

BiM, Bicocca meets Milan

Don’t miss out, in new spaces Gallery C41on the first floor and on the second floor BIM, photo exhibition “Best, Isabelle”dedicated to the artist, photographer and acrobat Isabelle Wenzel. The artist places her body in front of the camera and in the seconds that the self-timer allows her, she takes complex poses that draw attention to the sculptural qualities of the body. At the same time, Wenzel creates a short experimental performance in front of the camera, which captures it and returns it in a “frozen” form of a photograph. The exhibition can be visited free of charge until 15 September.

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Appointment at BiM Garden

The core of the temporary program of free events promoted by BiM will be BIM Gardenopen-air green area designed Paola Navone – Studio Otto and landscape designer Antonio Perazzi, with large multifunctional social tables. Here BiM presents the open-air summer film festival “La linea Milanese”, curated by Milan Film Library: a tribute to the originality of the great masterpieces of Milanese cinema, which traces a 40-year line between Walter Chiari, Paolo Rossi, Hugo Tognazzi and Maurizio Nichetti.

Performance by Isabelle Wenzel. Photo courtesy of the artist/BiM.

Performance by Isabelle Wenzel. Photo courtesy of the artist/BiM.

Leading up to the screenings, two cult anthologies produced by Cineteca feature the historical commercials filmed in Milan that gave life to the legendary film. Carousel. The review will offer interesting titles also in the month of September. For game lovers every day here “Free Boards”, an exclusive space for games and socializing, as well as for those who want to actively relax, BiM offers yoga courses for all ages. An interesting proposal for a new Milan pole that intends to become a true incubator of ideas, initiatives and projects developed in collaboration with other advanced technologies operating in the area.

At the steam factory

“Vapore d’Estate” will continue into August, an event of dance, music, film and visual arts that will take place on the premises steam plant. The program is full of exhibitions, projects by independent artists and performances.

A summer arena will be located on the outer square Ariantheus, with a program that will thematically follow thematic exhibitions. Exhibitions not to be missed “China’s new frontier of art” AND Sebastian Salgado. Amazonia”.

Growing city – new urban rituals

Through Musical Youth Foundation of ItalyThe initiative proposes three different projects until October 7 in the Piazza Leonardo da Vinci: “Social Club Koccagna”, whose protagonists throughout the summer will be representatives of the younger generation of Italian and foreign jazz. August 6 and 15 at magic busa large open panoramic bus will arrive at Sforza Castle for an original and joint party in mid-August. “Like at home” instead presents 6 world music concerts in public spaces (courtyards, exhibition spaces, educational communities, public parks and churches) in neighborhoods. Casoretto, Lambrate, Forlanini, Città Studi and Turro.

Milan in concert

“Milan Sineconcerti”, edited by Thematic Music Association, offers two weekly meetings in Piazza Belloveso, with a total of 20 performances with free admission. Don’t miss screenings of non-sound films accompanied by live music, with original music written in the early 1900s and new scores based on collective improvisations performed by soloists, chamber ensembles and orchestras.

Summer triennial

Back, after the success of previous editions, Triennial Summer, wide cultural program, designed for the whole city. Five months of programming Garden of Giancarlo De Carlo A triennial with a rich calendar of over 100 daytime and evening events aimed at a wide and diverse audience: meetings, festivals, screenings, concerts and DJ sets, as well as workshops for children and many other events. Also on account of the exhibition “Ettore Sottsass. Word”.

(immersive) Van Gogh magic

For those who spend the month of August in Milan, visiting the immersive exhibition is a must. “Van Gogh: An Exciting Experience”, an incredible sensual detour among the master’s works. More than a simple exhibition, a fascinating journey through the colors and art of one of the most famous artists of all time. How to enter “physically” among his masterpieces. Until August 31 in the open spaces of the city of Lampo Scalo Farini.

Candles, candlelight concerts

A unique experience of its kind, not to be missed. Hear your favorite artists and composers in iconic venues and by candlelight. From the melodies of Ludovico Einaudi in the Ventura Garden (August 29) in columns Ennio Morricone (Reggia di Monza, August 18) to tribute Queen (Reggia di Monza, 19 August) and ai cold game (Reggia of Monza, 30 August). For fans Vasco Rossi, still at the Reggia di Monza, August 30 at a concert dedicated to the Emilian rocker.

Summer in the castle

The annual review is at the center of the program thanks to a large schedule of events that does not stop even in August. Concerts of great artists, dances, theatrical performances and meetings take place every day on the stage installed in Piazza d’Armi Castello Sforzesco until September 10th. Admission to most shows is free. August 19 we announce “Overseas Diaries”.a journey to distant lands narrated by the world’s most famous harp orchestra through a mix of Argentinean tango, Irish, baroque and electronic music in a mix to be listened to and danced. “Celtic Storm” (August 22) – A rhythmic and exciting performance of Irish dance accompanied by traditional instruments and Scottish bagpipes.

Suggested Gens d’Ys Irish Dance Academyin collaboration with Orobian Pipe Band and Talamh. Music, fast dancing, and a Celtic atmosphere with the romantic sound of Scottish bagpipes. Do not miss the meeting on August 31 with a concert Carmen Consoli and Elvis Costello. The two artists will be together on three unique dates during which the two artists will alternate and combine their voices and sounds. The concert will be a journey through the stages of their extraordinary career, full of success and metamorphosis, which will bring almost whispered intimate moments and rock-rock to the stage, alternating classic songs known to the general public with unexpected reinterpretations.

Milan Sea

For those who miss the beaches but want to stay in the city, there is the “Sea of ​​Milan”seaplane base. Thanks to the interdisciplinary camps, even in August, you can choose from a variety of offers suitable for all ages to spend the summer between sports and nature. Different experiences, but with one common element, fun.

For the most daring Waikrayza suitable place for water sports such as water skiing, surfing and wakeboarding. cable park it is an electric tether system with a length of about 800 m, allowing towing on the crest of a wave. The events are for experts as well as for anyone who wants to experiment.

Beach volleyball, padel and more

In summer, there are other interesting opportunities for sports lovers in Milan: the sports center Scarioni has been completely renovated and offers new fields, from football to beach volleyball.

Valid Alternativeopen beach From Lorenteggio, which with 3 outdoor courts, sun loungers and parasols is the right place for an active holiday. No less interesting program The beach town of Basiglio (6 courts for beach tennis and foot volleyball).

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