What to know before getting a nipple piercing

Which piercing hurts the most? Probably, the answer is just the piercings to the nipple but a lot depends on the pain threshold of each one. After all, the nipple is a very sensitive part of our body. However, the hole is made so quickly that the pain may only last a few seconds. It goes without saying that, like any hole made on the body, it must be done by a professional, with high standards of hygiene and quality, using the right tools.

nipple piercings

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The cost of the nipple piercing it can vary from 60 to 90 euros. To this price, there is often the cost of nipple piercing jewellery, the material of which is very important.

The quality and hygiene of the jewel must be impeccable to prevent adverse reactions from occurring in the body. In addition to surgical steel, nipple piercing jewelry, and more, is made of titanium or plastic. Among the favorite organic materials, wood and bone stand out.

Materially, the nipple piercing is carried out with the help of forceps which staples the part to be pierced, usually horizontally. Then, the needle is inserted with the sterile cannula that passes through the nipple and does not exceed approximately 2 millimeters in diameter. The tube will be left inserted by the piercer who will then close it. When the cannula is removed, the jewel will be in place. At the beginning, the bar is recommended because it promotes healing more than the ring.

Nipple piercing will also be possible if you have inverted or slightly pronounced nipples. It will be up to the piercer to use a smaller jewel, which better adapts to the client’s conformation.

How to take care of your nipple piercing

nipple piercings

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The nipple piercing should be taken care of throughout the healing period yes around 2 to 6 months. For all the details relating to the care of the hole, it will be necessary to seek advice from your piercer.

In principle, however, it should be known that, throughout the healing journey of the nipple piercing (the first 4 weeks are the most important) precautions should be observed. The jewel will not be moved or replaced but the hole must always be kept clean, spraying it with a spray saline solution. Afterwards, wipe dry with sterile gauze. If you want to replace the jewel, this can only be done in the studio, after 6/8 weeks. At that time, the piercer will also evaluate the health of the piercing.

It should also always wear clean underwearpreferably in light colours, avoiding excessive rubbing. It would be preferable not to nipple piercings when you are breastfeeding your newborn, during pregnancy or if you are thinking of becoming a mother. Breastfeeding problems could be connected to the jewel but also to possible infections.

With the piercing just done, however, it may be necessary avoid bathing in the sea or in the pool to avoid exposing the hole to chlorine or bacteria. Sun exposure should also be avoided. In some cases, the body may reject the jewelry. You can notice this phenomenon when the wound never heals. If so, it would be best to remove the piercing. However, some bleeding may be normal but shouldn’t last more than a week.

Stars who have nipple piercings

The many stars who have decided to get it have thought of making the nipple piercing a style detail. The origin of the nipple piercing, as you can guess, is anything but recent. In fact, it dates back to the Victorian era when it began to become popular among the women of the English bourgeoisie. They were called bosom rings (literally, breast rings), which had the purpose of increasing the shape of the nipple and to remedy in case the latter was inverted. In the 80s and 90s the nipple piercing became an erotic, provocative and transgressive accessory associated with punk and gothic culture.

It was in those years that some personalities on the world music scene made them their own. Between these Axl Rose and Lenny Kravitz. From there, they began to spread on the runways, until today. The super top models of the moment have chosen to show off jewels on their nipples: Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid which show through t-shirts and tops that leave little to the imagination. Theirs remains a sensual chic charm. They follow the actress Kristen Stewart and the singer Rihanna. The nipple piercing has also appeared on various necklines, in the past, of the digital entrepreneur Clare Ferragni.

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