What to see this weekend? Barbie with Margot Robbie and…

“This is the best day!” A riot of pink, sheer optimism, bizarre comedy, a bit of marketing and a lot of blondeness. But also a strange unsolvable murder with a taste of noir of the past…

For us they two movies to watch in theaters this weekend: expected Barbie From Greta Gerwig With Margot Robbie AND Ryan Gosling. And comedy noir The Secret of the Green Spirits From Nicolas Pariser With Sandrine Cyberlein AND Vincent Lacoste.

For fans of streams, we offer instead a horror thriller Last Night in Soho From Edgar Wright With Anya Taylor-Joy (First videos).
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Margot Robbie as Barbie (photo by Warner Bros.)

Margot Robbie in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. A Robbie and Ryan Gosling movie inspired by the famous Mattel doll, albeit with too much caption, is for us the movie we should see in theaters this weekend (distributed by Warner Bros. Italia). Then comes the yellow comedy The Secret of the Green Spirits by Nicolas Pariser with Sandrine Kiberlen and Vincent Lacoste (distributed by Movies Inspired). For streaming, however, we recommend watching Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho (seen on Prime Video).

Movie to see in theaters: Greta Gerwig’s Barbie.

Barbieland. The beautiful Barbie doll (Margot Robbie) is suddenly excluded from the magical world of “barbie” because she wouldn’t be “perfect” enough. A doll-girl, suddenly knocked down, will have to find her place in the real world. She is also accompanied by the loyal and jealous Ken (Ryan Gosling).

Wacky, bright, cinephile, funny, sometimes instructive. new invention a la Greta GerwigSmall woman) of the famous doll in the version live action it manages to be, at least in part, an effective and non-trivial mockery of the obsession with perfection that is typical of “plastic” worlds and supposed standards of “beauty,” and not just American ones. In her discovery of the world, the new Barbie – in a feminine and post-feminist version, however glamorous AND fashion – Meet many unexpected characters such as the “wrong” Barbie and panquet (Kate McKinnon)…

Barbie review.

Gerwig, who wrote the screenplay with her husband and colleague. Noah Baumbach (History of one marriage), fills the work with songs, dances, excessive quotations (from 2001: Space Odyssey To Forrest Gump) and culture awoke. Generally Barbie seems to oscillate a bit between pop fun and costume criticism (permanent scratches on a patriarchal society).

The film is especially surprising when it breaks away from the glorification of dolls and the artificial world they live in. Of course, the aesthetic is a glittering rose-gold world, but the reality of the world is revealed in its meager magic (questions of transience and death). A film of contrasts beautiful-ugly, colorful-gloomy, real-fake, criticism-spectacle. What’s exciting? What is artificiality?

Brava and beauty Margot Robbie as the non-puppet protagonist.
Now it’s harder to imagine that director Gerwig will be able to repeat an interesting work even with the next project on snow White without dwarfs and princes in the name diversity
But that’s literally another story, we’ll see.

Another movie worth watching in theaters is Nicolas Pariser’s The Secret of the Green Spirits.

Paris today. During a theatrical performance of the famous Comédie-Française, an actor was poisoned on stage. His last words, whispered into the arms of his colleague Martin (Vincent Lacoste), were: “I was killed by… the green spirits.”
Martin will start investigating with the help of cartoonist Claire (Sandrine Kiberlein)…

The talented Nicolas PariserAlice and the mayor) writes and directs a play polar ( noir French) from the spirit and inspiration from other times. Between the yellow-pink weirdo, conspiracy theories and political fiction (there is an imaginary Vologda Republic).
The author said he conceived and wrote the film during the pandemic while revisiting some of the classics. noir thirties and forties. There are also many transalpine comics, between adventure and humor: Tintin Hergé, Spiro and Fantasy Robert Welter.
Noteworthy is the main pair of Cyberlen-Lacoste.
For lovers of thrills and humorpast.

Movie to stream: Last Night in Soho by Edgar Wright.

If you are a fan of old horror and aesthetics vintagedo not miss Last Night in Soho Edgar Wright, now included as a Prime Video subscription.
Cornwall, today. Shy 20 year old Eloise (Thomasin Mackenzie), grew up with her grandmother after her mother’s suicide. Having entered the faculty of fashion design in London, she moved to the English capital. After a bad dorm experience, Eloise finds a cheap old rented apartment in Soho. Here, a girl who is fascinated by the music and style of the sixties will begin to have strange dreams that will catapult her straight into sixties. He witnesses the life of glamorous singer Sandy (Anya Taylor-Joy) with platinum hair.
But what is real?

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Edgar Wright (ur.Baby on the drive, Hot Fuzz) plunges us into a fabulous era Swing London, between likely nightmares and gooey behind a shiny exterior. The film is not too scary, but aesthetically (visually, perceptually and musically) is extremely effective.
Several gifts for Nicholas Roeg, Roman Polanski AND James Bond.
The main characters of “different eras” Thomasin McKenzie and Anya Taylor-Joy are good.
For whom – in style Midnight in Paris prefers the past to the present.


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