What to watch on Disney+ in September 2023?

What to watch on Disney+ in September 2023? Here’s a complete guide to movies and series coming to the streaming platform.

We fall, and when different people go home from vacation, that’s it. Disney+ has already prepared a worthy reception for everyone who is going to resume work. In fact, all viewers are waiting for some interesting news, as well as some interesting returns. In short, the streaming service really tries to please everyone. Below you will find a list of major TV series and movies coming to Disney+ September 2023

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Disney+ September 2023: All Theatrical Releases

The Little Mermaid Easter Egg Cinematographe.it
  • Mermaid (September 6, 2023): The Disney Classic playable remake, which hit Italian theaters on May 24, 2023 exactly, is finally coming to Disney+. Project directed by Rob Marshall (Memoirs of a Geisha, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides), partially reinvents the story of Hans Christian Andersen, staying true to the animated version but adding new elements. For the embodiment of the protagonist, there are in particular Holly Bailey (In an adult way, Last holidays). The rest of the cast, in particular, is also supplemented Javier Bardem in part King Triton, Melissa McCarthy in the role Ursula, Jonah Hauer-King who pretends to be Eric, Jessica Alexander what gives character Vanessa and much more.
  • Nobody will save you (September 22, 2023): Film directed and screenplay removed Brian Duffield (Love and Monsters, Nanny) tells a story Brynn Adams (Performed Caitlin Dever), a highly creative and original young woman who is isolated from her community and lives cooped up at home. Everything changes when suddenly alien creatures invade his house, with whom he starts a decisively very violent clash. The project, which will initially be released with subtitles, is being produced, among others, 20th century studios AND entertainment star thrower featuring actors such as Ginger Cressman, Zac Duham, Geraldine Singer, Rose Bianca Grew, Dari Lynn Griffin and much more.

The Disney+ series will release in September 2023.

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  • Italy has talent (September 1, 2023): The legendary television talent show, after 12 years on the air (its format has been adopted by 72 countries), is returning to Disney+ this time with a 13th edition that breaks tradition. One of the changes is two of the four judges of the competition: they will support veterans Mara Maionci AND Frank Matano there are two new entries or a star TikTok Xabi Lame and singer and TV presenter Elektra Lamborghini. Management, however, is trusted to empathy Aurora AND Frou belonging Jackal, a historical comedy group that has risen to ever higher heights over the years. Of course, it will be very interesting to see how the program adapts to this new streaming container, and it certainly generates a lot of interest.
  • I am Groot 2 (September 6, 2023): The second season of the acclaimed animated short series, featuring the legendary Grootprobably the cutest character that is part of guardians of the galaxy. Now that the franchise has ended, there is an opportunity to return, albeit very gently, to this galactic universe. This time around, Baby Groot aboard the Guardian spaceships explores the universe and beyond, coming face-to-face – or nose-to-nose – with new and colorful creatures and environments. Of course it comes back VIN diesel duplicate Groot for now Kirsten Leporewho wrote and directed the first season, is also returning for these new episodes, of which there are exactly 5.
  • Bertie Gregory: face to face with animals (September 13, 2023): This particular series, known in its original language as Animals next to Bertie Gregory. The main character, of course, is Gregory himself, a film director and researcher National Geography, who, this time, finds himself involved in an unusual adventure that takes him to the extreme to tell about the life of many animals. The protagonist, fortunately, is not alone: ​​in addition to an excellent team that provides him with constant support, there is also advanced technology that, fortunately, makes his job easier, given that without them it is impossible to physically shoot in places that are otherwise inaccessible. .
  • Kardashian 4 (September 28, 2023): The legendary American television reality show, born on April 14, 2022, among others, as a continuation of another reality show, namely Keeping up with the Kardashian family (aired from 2007 to 2021) returns with a fourth season on the aforementioned streaming platform. Obviously, it’s all about family relationships between sisters. Kourtney, Kim and Holoe Kardashian as well as their half-sisters, i.e. Kendall AND Kylie Jenner as well as their mother Chris Jenner. A completely complex family story filled with secrets, special affection and much more. Of course, everything will be shown to the cameras without any filters.

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