What vaccine Covid-19? No, thank you


Los Angeles (US), 29 apr (EFE).- “Absolutely not”. Or Abbi Kailin nor any of his four brothers or his parents have the intention to receive the vaccine against the COVID-19 when developing a method to prevent the disease, which has taken the lives of nearly 200,000 people worldwide in the last few months.

As Abbi explains to Efe, his revulsion arises from the distrust of the political power and a case that affected one of the children of a family very close to her parents, who decided since then not to vaccinate any of their rods and take the route of the “immunization” naturally ” through a healthy diet and daily vitamin supplements.

This family settled in Carlsbad, a small town in California halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego is considered as one of the twenty stocks with the highest income per capita of the united States, form part of the movement antivacunas, with a long history in the country and has been booming in recent years.

In this context, California has some of the immunization laws more strict than the US, since in 2016 would be banned exemptions from vaccines based on religious beliefs and personal, which has led to protests and a strong mobilization of the antivacunas.

Iodine and eucalyptus to protect themselves

The hispanic Martha Ugarte, the group “No to the Enforced Vaccinations”, is an activist who has participated in that type of manifestations. “I don’t like authoritarian regimes: the people to decide about his own life, his own body,” she says Ugarte, who resides in North Hills, a farming community north of Los Angeles.

Ruled out the vaccine as a treatment to address the coronavirus, Ugarte and her daughter, also named Martha, opt for the “immunization natural”, as Kailin and their relatives in Carslbad.The two activists sent a list to Efe with more than a dozen food and products to tackle the pandemic: iodine, eucalyptus, echinacea, ivermentina, oregano oil, chlorine dioxide broad spectrum, coconut oil and vitamin C, among others.

According to his story, a grandson of Ugarte had medical problems after getting the vaccine shortly after birth and, since then, their improvement has been “thanks to” a stringent diet and a supplementation applied.

“Why risk all the progress that my child has had until now on a vaccine? I don’t do it,” says Martha daughter about a possible vaccine as a solution to the coronavirus.

The “possible” side effects

One of the main reasons families Kailin and Ugarte to avoid at all costs to get vaccinated against the coronavirus are the “possible side effects”.

The Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. argues that the “majority” of people do not experience serious side effects from vaccines, as they follow safety standards and measures of the protocol are very high.

Even so, the percentage of children under two years of age in the U.S. who have not been vaccinated has quadrupled in the last twenty years, reached 1.3% of the american infants, according to official data.

“For Governments and the pharmaceutical is okay to sacrifice for the common good. But do you not see that they are human beings? (?) When it is your child, you can’t say ‘oh, I’m going to sacrifice my child for the good of all”, explains Ugarte daughter.

Coincides with that point of view Kailin, who believes that vaccines are “poison” that people do not need to defend themselves or coronavirus or of other diseases, like the flu or measles.

Against pacifism of Ugarte and Kailin is the tone more combative of one of the activists antivacunas most well-known of the U.S., Austin Bennett, also a resident in California, and claims to be protected from the coronavirus “thank God”.

In your channel on Facebook, with several thousand followers, Bennett lists the confinement mandatory “unconstitutional” in talks, live more than an hour a day in which he defends also conspiracy theories.

“Why is Bill Gates, who said that the world is overcrowded, would make the effort both by providing a vaccine that would prevent us from dying of the coronavirus? Logic, reason and common sense say that Gates is a liar, criminal, and hypocritical,” he says.

Smallpox, the beginning of a movement

The debate on vaccines is old in the U.S. and in the NINETEENTH century, the abolitionist Frederick Douglass, one of the great orators americans of the time, it was one of the first public voices to oppose his mandatory against smallpox because they, in your opinion, would the freedom of choice of the people.

Throughout the following century, smallpox was responsible for nearly 300 million deaths worldwide, according to a report from the World Health Organization (WHO), figures that makes it one of the pandemics deadliest of the recent history of mankind.

Some 150 years after the words of Douglass, almost half of adults in the U.S. are questioning the reliability of some vaccines, even though they are not specifically against it, according to a recent survey from the Harris Poll.

Celebrities americans, as the actors Jim Carrey, Jessica Biel, Jenny McCarthy, and Selma Blair, among others, have objected publicly to the vaccines, triggering the controversy between his followers and the media that cover the current Hollywood on a daily basis.

These opinions opposed to the vaccination draw a picture paradoxical in times of coronavirus, an infection that has altered the course of the systems health and economic on a global scale and keeps in suspense to the leaders of all countries of the world. EFE