What was Marilyn Monroe’s beauty secret?

sensibility and beauty Marilyn MonroeCoupled with their talents, they dazzled the entire era.But what did the blonde actress do to maintain some the lips Incredible and skin that always looks radiant?we tell you about him beauty routine and its composition.

Marilyn was a woman far ahead of her time, as evidenced by the techniques and secrets she used take care of your skin Or when it comes to makeup, which we share below.

  • cold bath
    there is one fur Firm, Marilyn used to take cold showers to avoid cellulitis. According to experts, the technology helps improve blood flow, resulting in more radiant, rejuvenated skin.
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    Marilyn Monroe Used Cold Baths to Prevent Cellulite and Revitalize Skin

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    Thanks to the cold shock from the aforementioned treatment, the actress always has a remarkably smooth complexion and skin.

  • Apply Vaseline Before Makeup
    If there is one characteristic of Monroe, it is her face. watery And with a lot of gloss, the effect achieved after application vaseline Before applying makeup. We can tell that this ingredient acts as a brightening agent, keeping her skin looking dewy at all times.

    Be careful with this trick though as she has dry skin and petroleum jelly is ideal for this type skin. But if this isn’t your case, it’s best to see a specialist.

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  • Blends various shades of red on lips
    Want to look sexy and voluptuous the lips, movie legends would outline them with a darker color, then fill them with a lighter red. This is for greater magnitude and dimension.
  • White eyeliner and “lash shadow”
    That sensual and sleepy expression is only Marilyn Monroe She did, thanks to a simple trick she uses when doing her eye makeup, which is a combination of brown or taupe shadows on her lower lash line. This also gives it a smoky look.

    Plus, she adds a white liner over the waterline to make eyes look bigger and brighter.

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    Marilyn Monroe wore white eyeliner to make her eyes bigger and brighter

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  • She uses baby powder to maintain her blonde hair.
    This is one of the lesser known skills of the actress. Author Pamela Keogh said Marilyn didn’t wash her hair every day to keep her blond hair dye from fading and re-dye it every three weeks.

    What he’s doing is using a shampoo Dry every three days, which is actually baby powder, applied to the roots to absorb excess oil.

What are your thoughts on these tips and tricks from the stunning actress? Do you already know any of them? If not, test them out and see how they work for you.

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