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Chronicle – It’s Bad Outside
Since earlier this week we’ve been following the story of a group of billionaires aboard a lost submarine. They headed to the wreck of the Titanic with half-hearted results, but lacked safety requirements. We ran through the agonizing countdown of the oxygen supply, unaware that they were completely dead a few hours after the dive. We are also annoyed by the attention given to the news compared to the dramatic shipwreck in Greece a few days ago, without thinking that it is a case of not so much indifference to desperate people (which exists but has nothing to do with this case) is not), how much is the narrative structure of the story, which really looks like a disaster movie script, but without the happy ending.

Controversy – Pigs with emoji
In the past few weeks, following an interview released on Facebook in early June by advertiser Massimo Guastini, Italian advertising agencies have erupted in what has now been dubbed #MeToo. No one was surprised when a Pandora’s box opened that contained all the worst things about corporate masculinity. From complaints against prominent figures with long histories of harassment and abuse to “80s chats” by We Are Social, an international agency based in Milan, where men in the office used comments, judgments and insults against women. Colleagues, what is emerging is a sexist culture with little innovation.

Other Controversies – Children of Men
What happened in Padua this week will add to a very long list of lessons that no one will ever learn. There’s a reason the law doesn’t allow for gaps or uncertainties: because when there are gaps and uncertainties in the law it happens that parents get a registered letter in their mailbox informing them that they are no longer a parent. There is no father. This is our country, in which same-parent couples should expect they will never have to face mayors, prosecutors, administrative acts, and misinterpretation of the law. Because, despite the fact that it’s been discussed for decades, no one seems to be doing one thing: filling those vacancies, eliminating those legal uncertainties.

More Controversy – Little Women Grow Up
even those who have never seen College Over the past few days we have encountered some material from Maria Sofia Federico, former participant of the TODAY program and enthusiastic student of Rocco Siffredi’s new porn academy. People on social media were surprised for many reasons. Partly because 18-year-old Maria Sofia has the looks and style of a 10-year-old girl, and so it’s impressive to see her jump into Siffredi’s (59-year-old) arms. Partly because she has always defined herself as an activist and continues to do so (saying that she does what she does to convey to youth the importance of sexual freedom, etc.). Partly for his remarkable gait (he is an excellent speaker). Partly because her father got in the way and promised Rocco that his daughter would not shoot pornographic scenes during the program (and she accepted her father’s obligation: but how, what about sexual freedom?). Perhaps fearful of the prospect of losing her well-deserved throne, Valentina Napi commented on those who compared her to Maria Sofia: “She is more beautiful than I am but she has not a fraction of my courage.”

Fashion – Williams, It Was Really Nothing
After Milan, the men’s fashion show moved to Paris, where Pharrell Williams opened the event with a mega-show held at the Pont Neuf last Tuesday. Farrell, whose appointment has reignited the debate over the qualities a fashion brand’s creative director should have, did Farrell: at his fashion show, a gospel choir and an apparently unapproachable celebrity parterre ( With Jay Z and BeyoncĂ©, Rihanna and A). $ap Rocky, Lewis Hamilton, Zendaya, Kim Kardashian, you name it), clothes definitely weren’t the most relevant thing. Fashion definitely turned to entertainment: Only Kanye West was missing.

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