What we know of the eight killed by the coronavirus in Mexico: all presented with comorbidity


Mexico has seen with alarm to grow its number of infected and deceased by coronavirus. Thursday the country announced 110 new cases and came to 585. This increase is the highest since the start of the crisis. At the national level have been registered eight deaths due to the pandemic.

Doctors have observed that patients who died by Covid-19 have something in common: comorbidity —smoking, liver failure, diabetes—, which might explain the fatality rate for them is higher.

Comorbidity is a medical term coined in 1970, which refers to the presence of one or more diseases and/or disorders, in addition to the complication from the patient.

This is a hypothesis that shuffled the experts, who add that they have also taken into account genetic factors.

The victims of the Covid-19

In the middle of a quarantine porous and voluntary, the mexican government confirmed the March 19 its first death from coronavirus. It was a man, 41 years old, which also I was sick of diabetes and that began to show symptoms last 9 march. The victim was treated at the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases.

The case drew attention because the deceased had not travelled abroad and the country was still in a phase of imported cases (164 in total). According to reports, six days before the present symptoms, the man I had attended a mass action: a rock concert of the Swedish band Ghost.

The man came to the clinic 46 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, in Gómez Palacio, Durangolast march 17 to present with symptoms that met the operational definition of the Covid-19. The person had high blood pressure for several years.

Jalisco reported the third death from coronavirus. The victim was a 55 year old man who suffered from diabetes and obesity. The patient died at the clinic 110 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, on the 23rd of march.

When the map in Mexico changed color, from gray to red, the progression of the coronavirus came with your fourth victim. It was a man of 71 years who lost his life in the Mexico city, Mexico.

The patient, who is the second victim in the mexican capital, suffered from diabetes and kidney failure.

The story of the death of the woman began march 16, when she, her husband, Rafael, her son and her daughter-in-law returned to Mexico City from Spain, after a three weeks vacation in the European continent.

They did it aboard the flight 6403 of the airline Iberia. On the plane Mary experienced intense weakness in the body. Despite this, no one examined it in the capital’s airport, and left her to cross the Door And without any medical review.

The next day the discomfort of the woman deepened. His breathing became irregular. So on the 17th of march, went to the Center ABC to perform a test of the Covid-19. Although the family made the payment of 25,000 pesos, the delivery of the results was delayed until seven days after.

On Saturday the 21st, suspecting that Mary had coronavirus, her husband called locatel to request the visit of a doctor. In the line he was ordered to wait for the arrival of a specialist to your house in the mayor of Benito Juarez, but no one came.

Desperate, took Mary to the Hospital Angeles Metropolitano, where he was admitted to emergency. On march 23, the clinic los Angeles Metropolitan gave the family the results: yes had viral load positive.

Even though the second hospital detected the coronavirus in Mary, it was too late as he died. Mary had multiple myeloma and diabetes.

The sixth death by coronavirus was a 70 year old man a resident of the state of San Luis Potosí. He had contact with a person who had traveled to the united States and had hypertension and obesity.

On the 26th of march, the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro confirmed the second fatality because of coronavirus. Since there were seven in total.

The death occurred in a clinic of the ISSSTE. It was a man, 55 years old, that he suffered from hypertension and had a history of contact with a person who had traveled abroad.

That same day, the Secretariat of Health of the state of Quintana Roo recorded the first death by coronavirus in the entity. With this accounted for eight deaths.

The victim of the Covid-19 was a man, 74 years old, The clinical picture of this person was complicated because for a long time he suffered from hypertension, diabetes and smoking.

He was admitted to intensive care in a serious condition and its risk factors showed evolution of several years of hypertension, diabetes, and smoking”, he explained on his Twitter account.

According to the experts, the coronavirus affects certain risk groups: hypertensives, people with respiratory diseases or diabetes. These diseases affect men more than women, so it is normal that they suffer more lethality.

In the case of the eight victims, there were people with smoking, liver failure, asthma, obesity and immunosuppression.

In Mexico, 23 people have recovered from the virus, which means that 3.9 percent of the population until now infected has exceeded the Covid-19.

According to the official figures, the City of Mexico has the largest number of hiv infections in the country, with 83, followed by Jalisco, with 64 and New Lion 57.

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