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Contradiction – I’m an autarchist
Adam Driver must have seriously offended Pierfrancesco Favino. There is no other way to explain the battle to which the latter devotes himself with such passion: Italian characters against Italian actors, otherwise it is cultural appropriation. But what does cultural appropriation have to do with this, many wonder. Unable to find the answer – which is actually simple: it had nothing to do with it – Internet investigators found two clues that are practically proof. Favino started this autarkic protest after leaving House of Gucci. He continued this after the premiere Ferrari. What do these films have in common? Adam Driver. So we go back to the beginning: Driver must have seriously offended Favino, who is too worldly a man to think Really that only Italian actors should play Italian characters.

Other controversies – hands up
After Giorgio Armani’s elegant evening at the Venice Film Festival, a special haute couture fashion show called Just For One Night – no one would have thought that the local police chief, Mr. Marco Agostini, would become the center of attention. In a Facebook post, Agostini said that while he was on duty, during an event attended by international movie stars and fashion figures, a man allegedly groped him several times against his will. “I had to reach almost 63 years of age to understand what a raped woman feels when someone gropes her ass,” he wrote, clarifying that the organizers were not to blame and that he was clearly an “idiot.” He then deleted the post because his story was misrepresented, but he should still be given credit for reporting the harassment.

USA – barefoot in the mud
Burning Man 2023 will officially go down in history as one of the worst festivals ever. After renaming it “Fyre Festival 2.0,” social media began calling it “Trench Foot 2023,” after so-called “trench foot,” a condition that affects the skin of the feet when exposed to cold environments for too long. Humid. Photos of “burners” knee-deep in mud, bare feet, went around the world, along with photos of a hellish snake of cars and vans queuing for hours when the road became usable again, and the only consolation this year (which , however, was definitely not worth the thousands of euros in tickets that many people paid): the sudden appearance of a sad rainbow.

Gossip – the French touch
The doubt that this is a PR couple is well founded, and we must not forget that one of the two is an excellent actor. However, there is a but. It’s not easy to admit – or rather, it’s dangerous, you risk being lynched by angry Chalamers, to say the least – but there seems to be some chemistry between Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner. Just look at the first videos circulating on social media, shared by those who saw them together at a Beyoncé concert. He’s wearing a hat and k-vey, she’s wearing a sheath dress and bare shoulders. They kiss a lot, often, as happens at the beginning: she laughs and throws her head back, he spreads his arms on her. Well yes: they are cute.

Cinema – The Great Old Man
Giuliano Montaldo died during the Venice Film Festival, the same festival where he made his directorial debut with the film in 1961 Pigeon shooting. He was 93 years old and was many things in life: partisan, actor, assistant to Lizzani, Petri and Pontecorvo, author of one of the most appreciated Italian films abroad (Sacco and Vanzetti). For those who want to remember him, there are two good documentaries about him on RaiPlay: one – Giuliano Montaldo – Four times twenty yearsanother Vera and Giulianowho devoted 60 years to his life and work together with his wife Vera Pescarolo.

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