What will be the bronchiolitis vaccination for babies in Madrid: dates and ages

The Autonomous Community of Madrid will start its autumn and winter vaccination campaign on December 12, 2019. Next month October Fights respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which causes bronchiolitis and pneumonia Babies under six months old born in April this year.

In this sense, the community has gained 50,000 doses of vaccine Immunize babies against bronchiolitis, Investment of 10.8 million euros. RSV is a common infectious seasonal pathogen that infects the lower respiratory tract, causing Epidemics occur every year around the world and affects infants more frequently.

Generally speaking, the number of case detections begins to increase in October and reaches the peak of the epidemic from December to January. in Spain, 78% of severe bronchiolitis cases are caused by RSV It is estimated that nearly 10% of healthy hospitalized children require intensive care.

When, where and who will get the bronchiolitis vaccine

In the Autonomous Community of Madrid, the highest incidence rates are Bronchiolitis attack in primary care as emergency admission, occurs in children under 2 years of age, especially in the first year of life. Last year, 3,685 children under the age of one were admitted to the hospital, including 300 children in the pediatric intensive care unit.The incidence peak occurred in the 47th epidemiological week, and the incidence rate was There are 400 emergency hospital admissions per 100,000 inhabitants.

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Therefore, the purpose of vaccination is Date of birth is April 1st to September 30th.It will be self-specified in five public hospitals.for those born October 1 to March 31 They will be immunized before discharge or by self-appointment in the maternity wards of all public hospitals.

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