What Will Be the Responsibilities of Isabel II’s New “Diversity Specialist”?

Elizabeth II has responded to Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The creation of this position would be part of a global modernization plan within the framework of The Firm.

According to the latest rumors, Queen Elizabeth II has made the decision to hire a diversity expert after hearing the testimony that Meghan Markle, the wife of her grandson Harry, shared a few weeks ago with Oprah Winfrey talking about racism and discrimination against women. that he had felt himself a victim within the British monarchy.

The creation of this new job would be part of a global “modernization” plan that was put in place to improve the representation of minorities and guarantee the protection of their rights within the framework of the Firm, according to the information who has published Sunday Mail On Sunday. Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, and Clarence House – the official residence of Prince Charles – would all plan to consult independent third parties from now on for a different point of view when deciding how to achieve these goals.

Furthermore, the staff is expected to carry out exercises prepared by a said expert in the coming weeks, which would consist of talking to a number of individuals and organizations about what other efforts the British Royal Family can make to show their commitment to people with disabilities. disability, minority ethnic groups, or gay and trans groups, among others. A supposed spokesman for Buckingham has pointed out that, although there are already protocols and programs created for this purpose, for the moment the desired progress would not have occurred and the monarchy is not afraid to explore new ways to achieve it.


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