What will be your secret of success? Yanet Garcia posted a mysterious message addressed to their fans


Since he started his career in the media, Yanet Garcia he proved that he is one of the favorite characters from the world of entertainment mexican.

So the famous model it began as a simple presenter for the climate and with the time he has been climbing to become one of the presenters of the program “Today”.

But, Yanet Garcia takes a lot of time away from the television studios, in fact, developed a series of projects in social networks, where it is dedicated to providing tips to lead a healthy life.

That is why the model fitness comes showing a much more active role in its official account of Instagram, which already exceeded the barrier of the thirteen million followers.

However, it is common to see that the model of 29 years post messages motivational addressed to their fans in times of quarantine.

In this opportunity, the former host of “Today” he used the stories to pass on, to his admirers, one of the ideas that inspired her throughout her career.

Accompanied by a charming drawing, the model he said:

“He works while others sleep, study while others are having fun, persists while others rest and then you will live what others only dream of”.

Generally, Yanet published words that help people to take the robes of it in what respects to a life of fitness. But on this occasion, gave excellent advice to move forward with the dreams of each one.