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What will Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s new baby be called? Here is the list of their possible names

Since Kylie jenner revealed that he was awaiting his second son As a result of her romance with Travis Scott, the world of the Internet and social networks has not stopped talking about the subject and delving into the details of this pregnancy, giving rise to theories about the possible names this baby will bear.

At 24 years old, Kylie jenner has re-experienced motherhood with her daughter Stormi’s dad, rapper Travis Scott, but unlike her first pregnancy, he has decided to make it public and share it with his fans.

The young businesswoman looks very happy and excited about this new wait, since after having given the news to the whole world, she has not stopped showing off her baby bump on social networks and red carpets.

However, although this pregnancy is more public, there are still details that remain to be known about it new baby Kim Kardashian’s younger sister, for example the sex of the baby and the name it will bear.

Some Internet users have been given the task of making a specific study of the tastes, preferences and interests of Kylie jenner, in addition to investigating the history of the peculiar names of the babies of the Kardashian sisters, revealing a possible baby name list.

What name will Kylie Jenner’s baby have?

The Instagram account @kyliejennerkr made a list of the possible names of Kylie Jenner’s second childAmong the names with the most bets are: “Raini, Windi, Cloudi, Humidi, Sunni, Dri, Breezi and Coldi”.

It is worth mentioning that the businesswoman has not yet revealed the sex of the baby, so this list is still too premature to know the definitive name of the new member of the Jenner family that is about to come to this world, which is your favorite?

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