What Will the Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II Be Like?

Queen Elizabeth II

It is known that the actual protocol is rehearsed and although the details that are known are few, it will be an event that will last for weeks.

This Saturday, April 17, the funeral of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who died on April 9 at the age of 99, was held. The death of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband raised all kinds of doubts around the 94-year-old monarch, who has been on the throne for 69 years. And if you wonder what the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will be like, we tell you what is known about it.

The code name for the unfortunate event is “London Bridge is down”, in Spanish “The London Bridge has fallen”, this will be the phrase that detonates the plan drawn up for when the queen dies. The protocol prepared for this day is carefully rehearsed and even the queen herself has collaborated on it. According to  Business Insider, the death of the queen will not only bring changes for the United Kingdom but for the whole world, as it will be an event that will have economic consequences.

The first to know that the queen has passed away will be the prime minister in turn who will receive a message saying “London Bridge has fallen” which will launch “Operation London Bridge”. It will be a matter of minutes for the news to reach all governments where the queen is head of state. On the other hand, Buckingham Palace will illuminate its doors and a black plank will be placed.

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

The days will be numbered after the death of the queen, as reported by The Guardian, the day after the event will be “D + 1”. The flags will be lowered at exactly 11:00 am London time and Carlos will become king. The funeral of Elizabeth II will last at least twelve days and it is estimated that the British economy will be severely hit as the funeral is estimated to cost hundreds of millions of pounds.

The details of the funeral are not very public, it is known that there are instruction manuals for palace personnel and authorities close to the royal family. It is also known that it has different variants depending on how the death of the president occurs, it must be remembered that the queen mother died peacefully in her home, without hospitals or paramedics, and even gave her time to say goodbye to her friends by phone and inherit some of your beloved horses.

Both the day of the funeral and the day of Charles’s official coronation will be declared a national holiday and the losses are estimated at one thousand and six billion pounds. This is in addition to the strikes that will be caused in commercial and transport banks; Stock exchanges, businesses, and shops across the UK will close out of respect.

The truth is that the day the queen dies will be one of the most important in global history, the “Operation London Bridge” plan has been modified and rehearsed since the 1960s and even so,  anything can happen.

Only in the UK are the major news networks already prepared for when it happens; the BBC programs will stop, and they will broadcast a special report, the presenters of all the channels will change their costumes and will change into black clothes which are available at all times in the studios, the radio broadcasts will stop to broadcast the informative flash and all the information that as of today is already prepared will be released.


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