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The heat is becoming unbearable and we look for alternative ways to feel refreshed, whether it’s taking a shower, entering the pool, opening the doors and windows of our home or room, and in some cases resorting to methods we’re used to. Not sure if they will cause us more problems than benefits.

This is what we do with the fan running at night while we sleep, as it provides a great emergency solution, is a different alternative to air conditioning, and is cheaper in comparison. So, is sleeping with a fan on doing us any harm? Here we solve it.

Does sleeping with a fan on affect your health?

Even with improved air circulation, keep fans on at night, according to analysts sleep consultant, mention this yes it affectsIn addition to producing white noise and dry air that is harmful to health in some cases, running the fan continuously for many nights can lead to the air produced dry skin and sinusitis.To combat the dryness of the nasal passages, they must produce excess mucus to compensate for the lack of moisture, which can lead to Headache.

How does blowing on a fan while sleeping affect our health?

The air from the fan will remove any dust or pollen that may be in the room, allowing it to easily enter through the nostrils. For people with allergies or asthma, sleeping in this constant level of polluted air can have serious consequences.

Continuous airflow dries the skin and mucous membranes. For people who sleep with their mouth open, the draft can dry out their throat.

  • Headache and stuffy nose.

Dry air from fans can irritate the sinuses. sleep consultant Point out that if you are extremely dry, your body will produce excess mucus to compensate, which can exacerbate nasal congestion and headaches.

The constant airflow can tense your muscles, and you may wake up with muscle soreness or even contractures, especially if you sleep with the fan too close to your neck.

Can the negative effects of fans be avoided?

In order to avoid these negative effects, the first thing to do is not to use the fan frequently. However, we know that the heat at night can be unbearable; so, what you can do is shower and apply moisturizer to keep your skin from dehydrating.

When using the air conditioner, do not turn it on at its maximum power; nor at its lowest temperature, as air below 23 degrees dries the skin even more and increases power consumption.

Again, make sure the air isn’t blowing directly into your face, sleeping in this draft can be fatal if you have allergies or asthma.

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