What’s going on between Drake and Halle Barry?

What’s going on between Drake and Halle Barry?

For the cover of his latest single, Slime You Out, released on Friday (September 15), Drake used a photo of Halle Berry at the Teen Choice Awards a few years ago.

The photo in question, which can be purchased by anyone with a Getty Images license, shows the actress covered in green jelly.

Halle Berry didn’t like it, and in the comments below the Instagram post, she emphasized that Drake’s staff contacted his team for permission to use the image, and that his answer was a resounding “no.”

Why ask if you’re going to do it?” wrote Berry, who then stressed that Drake’s gesture was disrespectful.

His team called mine and I said NO. I don’t like the image of the slime on your face associated with his song. And he decided to do it anyway! This is a lack of respect. I just want these men to give women the respect we deserve.“He said, and also emphasized that he does not intend to sue Drake.

This, of course, isn’t the first time Drake’s tactics for releasing his music have had consequences. Recently, while promoting their album Her Loss with 21 Sav, the duo posed for a fake Vogue cover that went viral. Because it was a copy of Vogue, the giant filed a lawsuit against the two artists.

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