What’s going on between Rude and Ruigi Villaseñor

Founder of Rude ruigi villasenorwas sued by his business partner george robertson With allegations of misusing the brand’s finances to support his lifestyle. robertson at this time owns 20% of the company And has invested in the brand since 2016. As the Los Angeles Times reports, the lawsuit filed by Robertson indicates that Villaseñor “Rudd used his power and control over the companies’ products, designs, bank accounts and financial records to enrich himself at Robertson’s expense,” use the money intended for Impolite For «Lives extended to private jets, Ferraris and Lamborghinis, a home in the Hollywood Hills, an Italian villa and a watch collection that includes several pieces valued at more than $100,000.»

According to Robertson, the animosity between the two seems to have brewed as early as 2019, as the investment partner provided considerable connections in the music business – Robertson is also a record agent, who co-wrote the LMFAO song, sexy and i know it (2011) – He Started Ed reason for jealousy Not indifferent from Villaseñor. Two years ago the two sides tried to reach an agreement to resolve the issue, which included 5 million dollar offer The designers attempted to regain Robertson’s shares, but to no avail. Neither Robertson nor Villaseñor chose to speak to the American press about the lawsuit, but it is known that the Filipino designer claimed annual revenues of over $30 million, but only paid Robertson $41,000 a year. For this reason, Villaseñor’s partner will be required Compensation, Access to Brand Accounts and Remove the designer from control of the company, made in 2015 and adored by NBA athletes and pop-stars Jay-Z, Justin Bieber and LeBron JamesOver the years, the Rhude brand quickly rose to prominence with pieces that gracefully blend luxe tailoring with designs rooted in hip-hop and street style aesthetics. Last year the designer was in charge of the Swiss brand’s artistic direction disrespectfullyBut it was only last month that he announced his departure, and now Villaseñor faces a lawsuit that may even cost him his role within the Rude.

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