What’s happening on TV: Mire’s response to politicians, Jorge Lanata’s health and Messi’s support for his son

September 16 TV Summary

At the crossroads of the campaign and the criticism he received Javier Mire In the political space vying for the presidency, candidates freedom and progress (LLA) again targets politicians in an interview with Alejandro Fantino, because neural radio. “They have lost their privileges. The joke is over,” the economist said. “In our government, politicians will have to live the same lives as ordinary citizens,” he noted. ” Furthermore, he noted that the ministry will seek to “eliminate” it, mentioning: “That is why they sent me to pseudo-intellectuals, country priests, who attack me in the media. “

As far as politics and media are concerned, Jorge Lanata The journalist was discharged from the hospital on Saturday after 19 days at the Favaloro Foundation and is one step closer to returning to television.This news has been total nitrogen Journalist Cecilia Martí explained that the hospitalization was due to “an infection of unknown origin, which triggered a fever.” The TV host had previously been hospitalized with a urinary tract infection.

When the whole world is guessing whether Lionel Messi On the field, ten Argentinian players decided to accompany Thiago Messi During one of the U-12 training sessions inter miami. On the other hand, Tata Martino explained that the Rosario player was not called up for Saturday’s match due to muscle fatigue, which also forced him to miss the match against Bolivia. “It would be very imprudent to let him play in this game,” he said, adding that it was more important for him to get back on the court for the final. U.S. Open Cupwill be broadcast on September 27.

Again in the campaign, Patricia Burridge He again targeted Milley’s speech on the news program Country+. “(Insult) this is your only recourse. That’s why we have to continue on our path,” the presidential candidate said. Change together (JxC) The approved goal is to “eliminate Peronism and Kirchnerism Once and for all. “

Lionel Messi visits Thiago at Inter Miami
Lionel Messi visits Thiago at Inter Miami

As for those preselected candidates who gave up halfway, the former Minister of Internal Trade, Guillermo MorenoStarring in a fierce confrontation with the former deputy governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Gabriel Mariottoin a debate broadcast on the channel additional! . The situation became so tense that a driver separated them and they ended up beating each other after the former candidate accused Mariotto of being a member of the government. Alberto Fernandez. Moreno accused: “You are part of this government, you are part of this failure.” And Mariotto said: “Don’t tell me that I am part of this government, because I never have been. “This is The worst insult you can give me. “

On the other hand, grandma Morena DominguezGirl killed by motorcycle jet in Lanus a month ago is in the news again Country+ Seeking justice for my granddaughter. “It breaks your heart when you know the killer is still walking around,” the woman denounced, referring to the fact that one of the two suspects arrested for the crime has been released and the other is out of custody. Facundo Ortiz is a fugitive.

The first program features Julieta Poggio, Damián Betular, Abel Pintos, Paula Chaves and Marcos Ginocchio (PH 2023)
The first program features Julieta Poggio, Damián Betular, Abel Pintos, Paula Chaves and Marcos Ginocchio (PH 2023)

Furthermore, the infidelity that was discovered Alexis “Rabbit” Quiroga when he is in a relationship with someone Cody Romero It remains one of the most sensitive topics in showbiz after the former Big Brother participant admitted the hurt it had caused her. After pondering the issue, the woman from Corrientes ruled out the possibility of reconciliation with the man from Córdoba when questioned by El Debate del Bailando on her mobile phone. american television. “I’ll never look at you the same way again when you let me down. “He’s not someone I want around me,” he concluded.

Although their meanings are different, their expressions are very similar Paula ChavezOne of the guests on the first episode of the seventh season Fei: We can talkgo through Telecommunications company. “I’m decisive and I like that when something bothers me,” he said. A few months later, Andy Kusnetsov Returning to television, he will compete against his primetime rivals that night Mirtha Legrand (13) and Alejandro Fantino (Nine). “I can’t believe it, seven seasons in!” the host celebrated, revealing that he’s been offered four shows to test out, and the cycle has exceeded expectations over the years.

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