WhatsApp and THE cooperation of the opponent it’s the Doc’s About the Corona Virus Timlo.net


Timlo.netChat app like WhatsApp is a great tool to send messages and keep in contact with family and relatives. Unfortunately, WhatsApp is also often used to spread, it’s the Doc’s. No exception, when the world was before the outbreak of the corona virus, the false information spread through the app.

WhatsApp and the World Health organization (WHO) work together to chatbot The WHO health warning. Robots that enable users to obtain information about the corona virus, directly from the WHO. So users can obtain official information from a reliable source.

Responsible for the program, THE Health Alert, Will Cathcart, said, “We already have more than signed to a million people, even though we announced the program. It is amazing. It looks like to get there is a great desire from the public with accurate information and good and we are happy to be there to help.”

Ubergizmo preached on Monday (23/3), WhatsApp users can send the message “Hello” to the number +41 79 893 1892 in order to receive messages from the WHO. This message contains a menu that contains a variety of information relating to the corona virus.

Editor : Ranu Ario