Whatsapp-Android-Version 2.20.89 Now has a Dark mode setting


Cilacap.info alerts from the Play Store, App Whatsapp the latest version 2.20.89 that in the update on 16. In March 2020, are now in the dark mode.

Dark mode make the eyes, especially for those who do not like the brightness as the glare from the screen of your android smartphone.

Dark mode is black and is much to easy, but if the whatsapp you are using is not yet updated to the new version then please update it first.

Once completed, have updated, you can go directly to the Whatsapp application and click on the 3 dots in the top right corner.

Then select and click on the chat tab and click on Theme and then select the dark (settings > chat > Theme – > choose ‘Dark’). Now display Whatsapp to switch to a dark theme.

While for android users 10, dark mode, and is automatically active when the user turn it on in the system settings.